I hate that I love As I Lay Dying’s music. Others in that genre (ABR, Parkway Drive, I Prevail, etc) are just too slow for me lately.

Anyhow, can anyone recommend music that is like AILD, but with 100% less “lead singer attempting to murder his wife”?

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I loved Pantera and Metallica when i was in high school (ack - >30 years ago!) and had a chance to listen to Metallica and felt long dormant neural pathways firing again, but damn that is some slow and boring music.

@ferds their music is REALLY good. The perfect blend of melody, speed, and non-whiny, belting vocals.

@jerry Have you heard of The Dillinger Escape Plan? They did an EP with Mike Patton what was brilliant (Irony is a Dead Scene)

@jerry It really is... I saw them last year, and it was kind of sad... I last saw them in 92.

I have Pantera stories I'll tell you sometime, but they have to be offline.

@jerry Have you tried power metal, brutal death, grindcore and stuff like that?

How do you feel about power metal? A few favorites of mine:
Sonata Arctica

Only linking a live video because Kamelot really is this good live. Got to see them in concert last year, and the passive song recognition on my phone repeatedly was recognizing their music as they played.

@Ent I’m not loving the music, but that video is amazing.

No worries, they've had 3 different female leads and differing styles to match their vocals. I'm more partial to their earlier work with Tarja, and my wife and I performed a tango routine to this cover of Phantom of the Opera they did while Tarja was still in the band.

For if this sounds better to your ear:

@jerry lamb of god, we came as romans, five finger death punch, soilwork, all shall perish, devil driver, in flames, machine head, opeth (old stuff), killswitch engage, vision of disorder,rivers of nihil, at the gates, heaven shall burn,winds of plague.

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