Sorry for the downtime, all. Namebargain (my domain registrar) transferred all their domains to (namebargain’s parent company). I knew that was happening, but I missed the minor detail that THEY WOULD NUKE THE DNS SERVER RECORDS.

Anyhow, back now.

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That's hella half-assed. Why would they do such a thing. What a bunch of lazy asses.

@jerry How dare you allow downtime for your free service?'s always DNS.

@jerry Thank you, much love ❤️. I know this is kind of an annoying question, but is there an alt. source we can get info from if things go south again in the future? Maybe an account on another site that can give a status update? Main reason for asking is that I had come to the conclusion that maybe something had happened and ie was gone 🙁

@xorcat the best place is Twitter (@maliciouslink). In this case, it wouldn’t have helped much - i was working away while people were tweeting at me to say that IE was down.

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