My best friend is getting a cancerous tumor removed right now. Please think good thoughts for her.

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She really hates going to to vet. Always has. Way back when we were allowed to go into the vet, she would sit in the chairs for pet owners during the exam. I think she assumed this trick the vet into not touching her.

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Anyhow, we pulled into the parking lot and she knew what was up. She hadn’t eaten since yesterday and we went for an early morning drive to the vet. She panicked. I had to perform a complex dog extraction procedure. It started out pretty graceful, and ended like a pro wrestling match gone bad.

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In other news, she looks tiny in that picture. She is actually a 100 pound/45kg fur beast. I do believe, if she wanted to, she could pull my Expedition EL down the road.

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She had an ear infection a few weeks ago (this is how we found the tumor), and a nice young vet tech comes out to the car to get Lacie. The vet tech was probably 5 foot tall and maybe 95 pounds. I told her Lacie is really strong and doesn’t want to be here. “Oh, I work with dogs all the time. All good”. Oook. I hand her the leash. And off they go, away from the building, vet tech trying to stay upright.

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This, BTW, is a clear indication of my incompetence at training her.

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@jerry good luck to you and your best friend, mine is also going through the cancer battle. he's actually beating a very deadly cancer with a new treatment, feel free to reach out if you want to chat

@feld oof. I am sorry to hear that. Our vet thinks we caught hers pretty early and, if we’re lucky, they get it all out today. How did you find the new treatment?

@jerry my friend @SlicerDicer put me on to it. They've been curing cancers in dogs and horses with immunotherapy in small trials for about 20 years now. It might sound hokey, but it's real -- Dr. Jim Allison got the Nobel Prize for this tech a few years ago.

Dog cancers are almost identical to human cancers, which is why money is now getting dumped into this research. Curing cancer in mice is neat, but mice cancer looks nothing like human cancer.

We've actually figured out how to use human DNA in a vaccine for dogs, and dog DNA for a vaccine in humans. We can both train the immune system to aggressively detect certain types of tumors, and the combination of some new research on T-Cells we figured out how to turn off a mechanism that the tumor cells use to "turn off" the attack.

My dog has oral melanoma which is *extremely* aggressive and usually kills dogs in as little as 3 months. In the last 10 weeks he's now at about a 70% reduction in the tumor, his body is killing it on its own now after 4 Oncept vaccine treatments, three of which were paired with ECT (electro-chemotherapy -- chemo drugs PLUS they zap the tumor with a device which causes the cell walls to become more permeable so they can absorb more chemo) to shock the tumor and starve it long enough for his immune system to ramp up.

He's had very little discomfort, just 24-36 hours of funk after the ECTs because, well, he *is* getting some chemo into his body which is gonna wreck him like a bad hangover. The best part is that his immune system will be trained for life, so his body will always kill any similar tumor cells automatically. Forever.

You should really pick up a copy of this book for more info, and I can direct you on the human side of this research too if you're really interested in how it works. There's a nice documentary called Breakthrough that gives all the juicy details on what we've uncovered.

(btw, if you're wondering how RGB and Alex Trebek are still alive... this tech is why)
@jerry @SlicerDicer Human side of this research, start here. The book is worth getting too. Very detailed, still going through it myself.
@feld @jerry hey Jerry I'm Stealthwater on Twitter if you are not aware.

At any rate, from the results I'm seeing with Feld and his dog, few horses I have heard of and one other dog? This stuff is looking to be the holy grail to end barbaric treatment.

My dive buddy in Hawaii, my birth father, my grandfather.. friends of mine. I've seen the shit go so bad with chemo and radiation needed feeding tube to survive. The draining, relentless kill the cancer treatment that is brutal. This is truly like magic comparatively let your body clean up the mess. Seems a lot better than random full spectrum pew.
@jerry @SlicerDicer and before you ask "how much? this sounds really expensive" -- it's actually not. Labs, scans, x-rays, and regular chemo dwarf the cost of the vaccine, which was only $650/ea. Much cheaper than surgery and radiation, too.
@feld @jerry

Yeah alternatively like 10k+, with very poor results honestly. The longevity is such a lowball figure compared to vaccine.
@jerry If there are no available vaccines for that type of tumor yet you should really check the vet school, yours is specifically listed in the Heal book as one doing the latest research and trials. If they have one that matches the needs of your dog they'll even pay for all their labs, scans, etc for you.
I hope that it will go well. She looks cute.
Good luck.

@jerry fingers crossed for you, give her an extra big hug when she comes back out! My pup just got through a cancer scare, it's horrible to think about since they are such innocent creatures and deserve nothing but love.

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