We made it to the weekend! πŸŽ‰
(Well, most of us πŸ˜•)

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@jerry I'M balls deep into weekend.

Drunken waltz, everything.

@jerry 00:59 on a Saturday and doing my best work at 5.9 abv @m4iler got the Pixies up now 🎸

@m4iler @jerry @ryen @TheGibson we're camping in 3 days - mrs d bought 5 - yes 5 - bottles of mead. For the two of us. For three nights. I did point out I'd already got my Bitter in.

@ddench @jerry @ryen @TheGibson Bruh.

We drinking rum and hard liquor.

But I love good mead, myself.

@ddench @jerry @ryen @TheGibson YEAH! We double-teaming.

(once put rum into my wine cup. Fun times)

@m4iler @jerry @ryen @TheGibson Lyme Bay Winery is what we have - they do a spiced blend called christmas mead, all year - it soooo good. Right now on the Fullers - 1845 & ESB best beer in the land.

@m4iler @jerry @ryen @TheGibson can't spell administratir anymore... might need to call it quits 😁

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