I hope i live long enough to see the day we will no longer have to say

@jerry I hope I live long enough to finally see #alllivesmatter as relevant

@vulpe @jerry

And I'm not even a liberal, but jesus christ buddy, you don't have to contradict black lives matter. They are trying to make a specific point. Ugh...

@sillystring @jerry Did I say something wrong? I disagree with #alllivesmatter and wholly support #blacklivesmatter. My point was I hope #alllivesmatter will finally be relevant one day as it is not right now. Please re-read!

@sillystring @vulpe I interpreted (maybe incorrectly) the comment as “someday, we will have advanced past our current deadly racial issues and be able to focus on Alllivesmatter like some people try to today, but we can’t do that so long as we have to say blacklivesmatter. Or maybe I’m just really really tired.

@jerry @sillystring I basically tried to say the same thing as your message but from the perspective of #alllivesmatter. So yes, your interpretation seems right. As long as it is not interpreted as trolling!

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