In related news. I am thinking about buying a condo down here on the beach. This is my happy place. Not as happy as Maui made me, but close. And I have a chance to be featured in a 鈥淔lorida man...鈥 story!

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@ScottMortimer yep. There are alligators here, too. Basically the same thing as salt zombies - just not as tall.

@jerry Ooh, I'm losing my touch! 馃槀

(I'm from Pensacola.)

(Goddamn I miss the Gulf Coast in May. That teal water.)

@erosdiscordia yes, my favorite time to be here. Also, it鈥檚 pretty damn good to be able to look at a beach pic and come within 50 miles of its location.

@jerry Keep an eye out for some dolphins, especially at dusk! :)

@jerry I hope you have an awesome time! Please post pix if you want, let us live vicariously on the beach!

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