In other news, my family and I got to see the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds fly side-by-side yesterday. Quite a site. We picked up lunch at a local restaurant and had a bit of a picnic to watch the fly-over, which lasted maybe 20 seconds. But it was fun and the first time we’ve done much outside the house in about 7 weeks.

Things are starting to get back to normal slowly here. More restaurants are open, many small businesses are open now. Lots still closed though for fear of catching/spreading the disease. Restaurants can have dine in, but the tables have to be so far apart that it’s not worth it. I think Waffle House is about the only place around me that is open for eat in. Hair and nail places are almost all open around me now.

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Parks that don’t have playgrounds or other facilities are open. My kids had been sneaking in to local trails to do their running (10-12 miles is apparently very boring to do around the half mile block in our neighborhood. So that is good.

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In my job, I have to keep tabs on the status of many other locations around the world - to determine the pandemic’s impact is on local operations. It seems like many places are starting to come out, but India, Singapore, and Brazil seem to be very concerning.

Anyhow, I hope all of you are safe, healthy, and come out of this ok.

Be well.

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@jerry We all know that "programmers" have a built in advantage re practicing social distancing ;-)

Stay safe, Jerry.

@jerry I'm in Singapore, and they decided to keep things closed until the 1'st of June. The actual number of cases is quite low (around 10 or so per day for the last couple of weeks), if you don't count the foreign worker dormitories where the numbers are high.

Even though the foreign worker dormitory clusters are contained in that they are keeping those people separate for now, they do want that to be under control first. Apparently the numbers are high because they are doing a lot of testing there and most cases are asymptomatic or at least have very mild symptoms. Still, it seems prudent to take precautions if a lot of those cases becomes critical.

They seem to be setting up quite elaborate tracking to make sure that they can quickly contain clusters that are bound to reappear once they open up. I just saw the new regulation that businesses need to track all people entering (and, I presume, leaving) buildings.

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