On The Allure of Flat Earth Debunking Videos
For a while now, I've really enjoyed watching SciManDan and others on Youtube debunking videos posted by flat eathers.  Based on the number of subscribers of these debunking video producers, I'm in good company.  SciManDan has over 300k subscribers, for example.

I also enjoy several other Youtube channels, including Numberphile, Fermilab, PBS Space Time, an


just about anyone can sit down and learn just about anything from the brightest minds in that field for free, on demand, 24 hour hours a day.

i disagree.

it's incredibly hard to learn anything useful from the Internet, and the existence, connectedness and persistence of flat earthers is quite a bit of a proof of that

@hirojin I suspect we will have to agree to disagree there. I can (and have) learned much about: calculus, plumbing, welding, statistics, python programming, quantum mechanics, and even how to unlock my car (that has no key-hole) when the battery in my key fob died. All from the internet.

@jerry yes, but did you learned how to learn from the Internet?

@jerry I just discovered Space Time the other night and it's amazing.

@jerry You have to be exposed to small amounts of 'stupid' to remain inoculated against it.

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