I think I am going to have to move to invite only. The number of automated registrations (or mechanical Turk style registrations) is out of control. Less that .1% (1 out of a thousand) registrations appears to be real.

@selea @jerry getting plenty of spam in approval based signup too now, it's not difficult to deal with but it's just added work

@selea I use moderated signups - but I have to wade through hundreds of registrations every day to see if any are legit (there rarely are).

Unsurprising, but pathetic none the less. I think the invitation only method is the way to go. You don't need the current hassle and it would keep the community maybe more infosec-focused.

@ScottMortimer @jerry The question is who will be able to give out invites and who will confirm them? If not done in a timely fashion that could become a problem.

@jerry as an aside is invitation based sign-up invitation from admin only or can they come from existing users. Would be an interesting chain of trust where a person, or persons, vouches for another and so on. This was the case in early FB. I had to beg a friend from #cambridgeuniversity.

@jerry Sucks, but it makes sense. I've seen this happen with Slacks and Discords also.



We are all certainly glad for the great instance you have setup. Please let us know if there is anything we can help out with.

@jerry I haven't tracked it in awhile, what's the motive these days?

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