I am happy to announce I was appointed VP and CISO of IBM Public Cloud today.

And that is all I’ll say about work stuff. Carry on.

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@jerry congrats (had to do it on this platform, too)

@jerry Congratulations! As someone who worked and learned and created in IBM for 17 years, I tip my hat to this very impressive and well deserved achievement!

@jerry congrats! Is that the former SoftLayer acquisition? Fully Blue-washed now? :blobpeek:

@brnrd it is Softlayer plus the Bluemix PaaS business

@jerry congrats! I expect to see your profile llama with a company haircut and blue suit by the end of the week. ;)

@djsundog would you believe I’ve been an ibm executive for several years?

@jerry wow congrats , are you going to give us any insider news on red hat now 😅


Looking forward to the official IBM Mastodon instance soon ;)

@jerry congratulations! I hope this will still leave enough time for you to play with us kids on fedi!

@jerry Congrats! Or maybe I should say condolences. CISO of anything is a tough job and with cloud you're all your customers' CISO as well.

@jerry Congrats! That will keep you busy for sure. Good Luck!

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