I was very disappointed to see the results of a recent fediverse poll on vim vs emacs. 71% voted for vim, which means that 29% are either trolls are have closed head injuries...

@feld I care about people. They shouldn’t have to go through life like that.

@jerry I mean, I'm a vim user, and definitely have had a serious head injury

But I bet most are folks who use vim because it's installed pretty much everywhere and they admin a lot of stuff over ssh

@jerry All I can do is say a smug thing about "who uses such overweight text editors"

The Neanderthal used emacs and look what happened to them

@ScottMortimer @jerry

Yesterday I was reading this piece about Europe’s pre-history, and I see truth in your words, as well as what may possibly be references to Spacemacs.

What happened to the Neanderthals?

There is little concrete evidence, [but] the answer is very probably that Homo sapiens happened to them. Perhaps there was competition for habitat and food, perhaps there was disease, perhaps there was war and extermination. What is beyond doubt is that there was close contact between the two species, because whatever else may have happened, we know that there was successful interbreeding. Indeed, it was a hybrid people descended from sapiens-Neanderthal unions that seems to have displaced the original Neanderthals.

@ScottMortimer @jerry I have short, stubby fingers which ruled out several career options: concert pianist, surgeon and Emacs user.

@seeyouindisneyland @jerry Enjoy your straightforward and easy to use text editor I guess!

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