Ok, went for Traverxec. Got user, possibly (still www-data) but I have no idea where the flag is.


@m4iler @TheGibson @tinker @ryen depends on what you want to do and what UID you are. If not root/system, tune to elevate! (If you can)

@jerry @TheGibson @tinker @ryen Yeah, I'm www-data, but all modules only got me from perl to meterpreter

@jerry @TheGibson @tinker @ryen Also, I got a username and md5crypt hash of the password. Unfortunately, I ran JtR through rockyou.txt and no dice.

@m4iler @TheGibson @tinker @ryen there are often privilege escalation vulnerabilities laying around - editable scripts that run as root, etc. take stock of the system, what is on it, etc, look for vulnerabilities. Get ya pwn on

@jerry @TheGibson @tinker @ryen Yah, got the password.

Now I have no idea how to use it, it seems to be bound to only this nostromo instance and nothing else. And I have nowhere to put it. I tried ssh, su change, some other places...

@jerry @m4iler @tinker @ryen

With Windows, I always look for scheduled tasks that are admin scripts.

They are often saved locally on the server in a insecure folder like c:/temp

They run as the admin.

Edit the script to add whatever you want.

They’ll never check it unless their process is disrupted.

@jerry @TheGibson @tinker @ryen Ok, giving up for now. I need a brake, I've been at this for 4 hours now. I feel like I could use a SUID privesc, but I'm not sure how exactly to do that.

I'll read up on it and try again.

Maybe splurge 10$ on the Htb premium.

@m4iler @TheGibson @tinker @ryen it’s all good. This is the fun part. Getting the shell is just opening the door. The tools just help with automation - the magic comes in developing an intuition on where to look for common mistakes/misconfigurations/unpatched vulns (hint: no one patches local priv esc vulns, because YOLO)

@jerry @m4iler @tinker @ryen

Lol! This is exactly why I don’t usually talk much about the more complex exploits, because I rarely have to go there.

Building your work list of things to look for, and working down that list usually gets you to escalation pretty quick.

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