I wonder how delivery companies like fedex keep delivery personnel from delivering expensive looking packages “accidentally” to the wrong house of an accomplice...


The obvious answer is to record the GPS coordinates where a package is scanned as delivered. The USPS seems to do that. I don’t think fedex does, since they are franchises (I guess the franchisees could set that up, but would be expensive for a small-ish business owner, I would think)

@jerry Whoever does the FedEx deliveries here (UK) clearly has a scanner linked to the central system. I get a notification moments after I sign for a parcel. I don't know whether it tracks location, but I see no reason it couldn't.

@mansr you’re right - I assumed that the franchisee would buy the cheapest scanners possible, likely without GPS. My discussion with the “Tracing department” at fedex corporate did not give me confidence that they had any ability to tell where the package was actually delivered, other than asking the driver if he remember where he delivered it.

@jerry I would have thought the scanners would be provided (or at least specified) by FedEx to ensure compatibility.

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