Apparently my fedex delivery driver ate my 43 inch monitor that s/he said was delivered to my house. 🤬

In other news, the question “have you asked your family if they received your package?” is the shipping industry’s version of “have your tried rebooting?”

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@TurdFerguson nope. Just marked it as delivered. I have cameras watching my house. No fedex truck was even on my street the entire day.

@jerry @TurdFerguson I watched a delivery through my front window where the driver pulled up, posted a "you were out" card through the letterbox, then drove off with my parcel. Can't trust delivery drivers on a tight time schedule.

@jerry I've only had that happen with Amazon deliveries, and they've always sent another whatever without fuss. FedEx and UPS always want a signature.

@mansr it was amazon in this case, but it was a computer monitor I can’t get at that price again. So they’ll refund my money (I assume), but no monitor for me.

@jerry Amazon uses mostly their own delivery service here, occasionally Royal Mail for smaller items. Have you contacted Amazon customer services? Regardless of how they resolve the issue, ask for some credit or a few months of Prime. They usually oblige.

@jerry FedEx seems to be earning themselves a lot of heat this weekend[1]. Sorry to hear about your experience.

1 –

@djmoch thanks. I just used that as an opportunity to pile on.

@djmoch @jerry In my experience, UPS are the best. Their app automatically lists anything with my address, and making delivery changes just works. The others all have various silly quirks.

@jerry Three people in my apartment complex had misdelivered packages yesterday. I got one for someone in the other tower, which has a different street address and a separate lobby. Seems like it may be a Black Friday-related issue.

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