I know many on the fediverse are concerned with privacy, demanding that their activities not be collected. The 9th circuit court in the US recently ruled that it’s not a crime to scrape web sites, even if the terms of use for a site prohibit it.
Also, it’s recently come to light that twitter employees abused their access to help foreign governments.

The fediverse is small and “nichey”, but we should be cognizant that our activity is most likely being collect and analyzed for various purposes.

I don’t have any knowledge of that happening, but as different marginalized groups come to the fediverse, it’s an almost certainty that it’s happening, most likely by multiple entities, under the auspices of anti-terror or other similarly inane reasons, probably even some of which are purely for research or marketing purposes.

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I bring this up because it seems to me that some people likely take comfort in the successful brigading of people who publicly stated they intended to do this off the fediverse. The ones to be worried about are the ones we don’t know about.

Anyhow, be safe out there.

@jerry Social Media = public.
As soon you share something online, you have lost control over it. Imo there is no 'private' usage of a social media platfrom possible.

Am I missing something?

I fully expect in 2020 we will see a concerted effort by nation-state actors and their proxies to infiltrate and influence the greater Fediverse now that it has reached a certain degree of mass adoption.

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