Over sharing, but I’m pretty fed up with tinnitus today. It’s like an audible cloud that follows me everywhere I go. Guess that’s the fun of getting old 💀

@jerry I have a friend with a similar complaint, he was telling me about in-ear devices that play a cancelling-out noise; apparently it works if your complaint is a constant tone, but if its a variable tone they have no chance ...

@yojimbo I’ll have to look into that. Mine is a very constant high pitch whine. Like the old TV fly back transformer sounds (if you know what that sounds like)

@jerry Oh yes indeed I do :-) Amazing how many 'things switched on' I could detect coming in to a room in my prime. I think I still have a pretty high range, but it used to be much better in my youth

@jerry I searched quickly "tinnitus audio cancelling" and found this commercial product - that actually linked to research papers.

@jerry I hadn't even realised what that site was - lots of research to read, and no device; just you creating personalised versions of ordinary audio/mp3 files. Sounds like an interesting thing ...

@jerry I feel for you. I had it since I was 14 years old. Comes and goes when it pleases. I've learned to accept it over the decades to the point where I don't notice it at times.

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