I’m really glad I ditched wasabi. Apparently they are experiencing “degraded performance”, which is code word for dead in the water.

When life settles down for me, I am going to try Digital ocean’s object storage.

@jerry shit is so fucking broken man. I moved my shit to Masto.Host Wasabi are fucking up way too often these days. Glad I got my data out just before all he’ll broke loose. I get the whole cloudflare MiTM they sick are evil fuck them. But my wallet loves them if masto wasn’t helping a brother out. Backblaze with CF = ZeroEgress charges. In testing shit was solid. B2B I’ve had little to no issue in over 2 years wasabi a month in and two major outage fuck them!

Many thanks to all of your work and the funding of the instance. :blobaww:

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