anyhow, I'm bummed about not getting glitch social to work, but I'm glad the site appears to be running well on the new server.

@estoricru It looks to be a known issue - I am not adept enough in github-fu to check out a version of the source from before the bug was introduced.

@jerry Me neither! Praise be to @thegibson for doing the heavy lifting for us.

@jerry @estoricru

We are running 2.9.2

We did build a new server when we moved initially, and then migrated the dB over.

Was easier that way, but the old VMware was incredibly janktastic at that point. Needed to happen.

@TheGibson @estoricru that’s effectively what I did, but the precompile fails, and then its error 500 city. There appears to be an open issue opened a few days ago with the same problem. I am not sure how to checkout the 2.9.2 version of glitch, since they don’t gave tagged releases, just the master branch

@jerry @thegibson @estoricru I might be able to help here, I'm running the latest pull of glitch (as of yesterday). Start with, make sure you are on latest ruby, I had nothing but problems with anything less than latest stable ruby.

@jerry @thegibson @estoricru I can confirm it works with this setup quite well:

Ruby 2.6.4p104
PostgreSQL 11.3
Redis 3.2.12

If you are getting precompile problems it might be your bundler needs updating.

@jerry @thegibson @estoricru I would bet money on it, it's easy enough to move to whatever version if you used rbenv.

@seven @TheGibson @estoricru I guess as long as I don't run the DB updates till I see if it compiles, it should be easily reversible

@jerry @thegibson @estoricru I've never had a problem going backwards, but have yet to hit a bug that really makes it a worthwhile venture either. ;) take a db dump prior just to be safe.

@seven @TheGibson @estoricru I did - after I couldn't get glitch working, I tried reverting the source back to straight mastodon, recompiled and started up - things kind of worked, but it wouldn't let me toot and a few other odd problems I (possible incorrectly) attributed to the database schema updates.

@jerry @thegibson @estoricru make sure you follow this bit for glitch after you have a working masto proper. Pay special attention to clearing the ruby cache. I was definitely having issues with 2.6.1 ruby with glitch for a little bit getting compiles off correctly, when I chased down the problems, it became fairly obvious they are using a slightly newer ruby for building (odds are similar to my setup at this point).

@seven @TheGibson @estoricru Thanks. I upgraded to 2.6.4, changed the ruby version, reinstalled bundler, did the normal bundle/yarn install, and the precompile still fails.

At least I know what isn't the problem.

The ruby cache clearing in the glitch docs indicate that it runs last - did you need to do that earlier?

@jerry @thegibson @estoricru double check that its actually using the new bundler, I've found it doesn't always do so, same with if it's actually using the new ruby as well.

@seven @TheGibson @estoricru during the compile, I was watching top, and it was indeed using 2.6.4. How can I tell if it's using the new bundler?

@seven @TheGibson @estoricru what version of bundler do you have? I have 1.17.3 - it appears to be the same version from before the ruby upgrade

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@jerry @seven @estoricru

That document is terrible for this... I guarantee i’s a version issue.

@jerry @estoricru it’s ok, I am at funeral and have been drafted into tech support anyhow.

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