Many years ago, I was a developer. I wrote in a bunch of different languages: pascal/Delphi, Progress, C, and Perl, but I’ve not done that in about 20 years. I have been wanting to learn python, but the book I am reading has some examples of Go. I now think I want to learn Go. It looks pretty awesome.

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@jerry You can’t go wrong with either Python or Go, but the new hotness is Rust. But don’t take my word for it.

@rcode3 @jerry I used rust for a bit last year, and finally threw in the towel. It's almost good, but every time the borrow checked caused issues I found myself saying 'why the hell isn't the compiler helping do this'. Go, for me, strikes a good balance between Python and C.

@bcl @jerry Depemds on what you need to do, but if you go with a GC language then I would recommend Kotlin.

@jerry definitely gaining more popularity than python

@jerry Depends on what kinds of things you might want to do. If you have perfectionist tendencies I have been really excited by Rust, although it requires effort to wrap your mind around and realize its potential; if you're looking at speed in development, python is it. I've personally found go slightly annoying, but maybe it will one day have the ecosystem of python with a nicer core.

Heard good things about Go, though haven't used it. One language I have used that's nice for parallelism is Scala, which although it has the pros/cons of running on the JVM, there are compiler plugins that can allow it to target more than JVM byte code.

@jerry yay, golang!

it's my favorite language, but nobody else seems to like it >.>

@leip4Ier @jerry It’s grown on me. I still don’t really like the lack of raised/thrown exceptions… but I found that once I got used to it, the good parts were enough to offset to bits I didn’t like.

@jerry I write a little of both for work. Go is great when you have to ship far-and-wide. It’s static compilation and built-in cross-compiler make it so you only need to worry about packages and libraries at build time.

The old opinionated source directory structure was a huge detractor, but that’s mostly solved with Go Modules, though some tools are still catching up.

Python’s nice for quick scripts and stuff. Though shipping it to other machines is a pain because of package management.

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