To block * or not

@jerry I view gab as being more like twitter than a normal mastodon instance, and like twitter not all the users are asshats. But if it becomes a problem, block them. So I voted for 'wait and see'. Which is the same thing I'd say if twitter were to setup an instance.

@jerry Personally I find the views of their majority user base distasteful and the policies of the site owners thin and obnoxious, do you ban them from connecting or posting to this instance, meh. I mean a far right racist tit for brains can still be interested in info sec, it's all the other crap you don't want. If you see an uptick in stuff you don't want, banbanban. On the other hand, do you want to enable the voices/skill/knowledge of those that *probably* are, in your view, abhorrent? Hmm

@jerry I argued myself in to a vote for yes. Let's face it, even in America free speech has its limits. I don't want to know about them, I don't want to inadvertently be exposed to right wing ideology either. This is a nice friendly safe place , and you've been kind enough to give us a voice.

@jerry I voted "wait and see". Whilst I have no time for "Alt right" ideas, we don't know what will come from its userbase. However at the FIRST sign of any crap , I would ban... One tiny chance to prove their humanity...

@jerry I wasn't able to vote before close, but I vote to ban. The Gab community as a whole has caused problems in every place they've chosen to interact or integrate

All evidence suggests they have no desire to be good fedi citizens...

@jerry scrolled through gab's feed and changed my mind from "Wait and see" to block.


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