If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from the airline seat cameras, citizen:

Toilet cams are next.

Looks like I'm adding masking or electrical tape to my backpack

@jerry I'm going to have to remember to bring a roll of very sticky tape the next time I fly.

@jerry I love the way they say it is "scaremongering"... 99% of people will listen to that as they NEVER think through the consequences. Maybe we need airline entertainment system regulations now too? The industries involved will never self regulate privacy into the systems.

@jerry Regardless of whether or not someone's spying on me with an in-seat camera, I sure as shit don't want the asshole next to me having a loud ass Skype call for the whole 4 hour flight.

@jerry I'll take "Things no one needs, nor ever asked for" for $100, please.

Not that I fly a lot, but I plan ahead and bring my own entertainment anyway. The once I used the in flight entertainment I was continually annoyed by the flight attendants cutting in to tell me useless crap.

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