Since apparently this is a major concern to the fediverse, I, the instance owner of have worked with law enforcement on matters involving the security of the company I’m paid to protect, and my membership to infraguard is pending approval.

Commence defederation if you must.



@jerry and if this isn’t horrible enough, my youngest brother is a cop.

Oh and I once petted a police horse, and I fed a biscuit to a police dog, and I wanted to join the FBI when I was in high school.

That's nothing, I applied to work for the NSA a few years ago.



Yeah the fediverse political extremists are ass clowns. Their parroting of propaganda is only surpassed by their naivety.

I have many friends and family involved with the police and military.

@wildermann I do not. It would create a false sense of security because i wouldn’t be the recipient of such a warrant. Law enforcement would go straight to my hosting provider and i would likely never be aware.

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