Also, there was apparently about 30 minutes of downtime on yesterday evening (eastern time). I don’t know what happened - guessing my hosting provider had a hiccup. Their service has been getting progressively worse recently. But they are pretty inexpensive.

@jerry Who would they happen to be and what's the price? :-)

@m4iler SSDNodes. The server is about $400/year. (32GB of ram, 160GB disk, 4 CPU cores).

@jerry @m4iler

I use DigitalOcean for fun and work. No complaints yet.

@sillystring @jerry I'm using Forpsi and it's great.

1$ a month for 20GB, 2GB RAM and 1 core

@m4iler @jerry

They must really overprovision host servers to meet that price point. Do you notice lag in performance?

@sillystring @m4iler yeah, their CPUs are pretty busy, but they have really good bandwidth. I host defsec downloads on two servers and get over 2 Gbps per server of downloads.

@sillystring @jerry Me? Not much. Don't expect gigabit speeds for that price point and Nextcloud is chugging along happily. Prosody, too!

@sillystring @m4iler I’ve had a lot of people recommend DO to me. I need to start playing with their service.


They don't have a status page or a history of issues? Shame if not.

@sillystring no, they don’t. They’ve recently stopped responding to many support tickets, too. I’m working on a plan B in case they go under.

@jerry @sillystring I was going to say that failure to respond to support requests can be a sign that they've been acquired and they'll just milk clients till they leave. But looks like their blog is still active and everything, so maybe they're just busy.

@nbering @sillystring I suspect they are struggling to handle the support load, given their relatively low prices leading to not having many support staff members. But at some point, that leads to an exodus of customers, so I assume they are looking at some kind of exit plan, like being bought out.

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