First, Starbucks blocks porn from its WiFi. Now, Tumblr blocks porn from its site. What next?

Porn blocks starbucks.

Porn blocks tumblr.

It doesn't matter because they have 0 emojos.

@jerry It won't be long before Tumblr dies completely giving Facebook even more of a share of the social media space.

Phone providers will block porn on data connections!

@m4iler @jerry PornHub offers free VPN service, manages it properly, everybody is confused.

@jerry Hopefully this will also mean that people will migrate to Mastodon either joining instances or creating their own.

@jeff possibly, but I have a feeling that the people hanging out on Tumblr are not the same kind of people that would (in general) be interested in the somewhat DIY nature of Mastodon.

@jerry Probably true for the most part. The choice is there though. Eventually enough people will get sick enough of being moderated, losing content, etc.., to pay the ~$5 a month for their own instance or just join one of the many that are already stood up.

mastodon is all about choice.

@jerry @jeff I think that a lot of marginalized NSFW folks are already migrating to Mastodon after they got kicked out of twitter.

Brb gonna tunnel everything and watch some 70s porn in a starbucks

@jerry don't they realize that sole reason for the internet's existence is free porn?

@mikecherry I feel like some important people have forgotten about that.

@jerry def seems that way. i mean, how will ISPs justify what they charge for broadband in this country if there's no free HD porn to stream and fap to?

@jerry the dismantling of the abusive and misogynist porn industry! (wishful thinking)

@slester porn is an oddity... not unlike prostitution. some claim it is misogynistic and should be outlawed, and others say that outlawing it infringes on the free agency of women to live their life. I am just glad I don't have to make important decisions.

@jerry fair enough; I personally don't think women can make such a choice willfully (listening to women who are ex-prostitutes or have left the porn industry), but I do understand the disagreement.

@jerry pronhub blocks tumblr in their war against anti-porn-policies

@jerry I'm hoping all this stuff is going to help push the decentralized web further.

Instead of letting central authorities control what you can and can't post, post your content on p2p networks with similar UIs

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