Citizens of i will very likely be migrating to a new server this weekend. Several things to note:
1. The new server does not have an IPv6 address. Apparently there is a shortage of IPv6 addresses and hosting providers are rationing them.
2. I will be applying the mods, which will provide longer toot length, among other enhancements.
3. The new server uses NVMe SSD’s, which I’ve been told are so fast that you may get toots even before you’ve asked for them.

@jerry Wish you the best of luck. Happy migrating! Too bad there are so little of the 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 adresses available... 😞 😄

Wait, shortage of IPv6 addresses? Ironic haha

Good luck with the migration.

@jerry Isn't the whole point of IPv6...ya know...that they don't run out?

@jerry LOL running out of ipv6. meanwhile i cant get less then a /56 from my new provider. I soo dont need a /56 but the only other choice is a /48.

@jerry A shortage of IPv6 addresses...? Shouldn't that be, if not impossible, at least highly improbable?

@greyduck that comment was intended as a joke, but you are correct. It’s quite unlikely.

Thank you! That must not be cheap! Any way to drop you a couple bucks to crowdfund the instance?

@ServerStatus I haven’t don’t it yet. My plan (hopefully) is to install the fork on a new server, then copy the data over. It’s not clear to me whether that will work. The documentation for is pretty sparse.

@ServerStatus @jerry You know you should not run with knives OR forks! In fact, try not to run with any tableware at all! (or am I missing the gist here?) :)

@whonose123 well, I ended up working on some other things and didn’t do the migration yet. On the plus side, it was a grand weekend.

@jerry chasing spammers I guess :0 Glad it was a good weekend!

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