Man y'all ever think about how incredibly stupid it is that the internet is almost entirely financed by advertising. Like, imagine if busses were only paid for using the revenue from bus ads. And if not enough people looked at the ads for Target or a legal firm specializing in slip-and-falls, then their bus route stopped existing. How stupid would that be. That's basically what we're doing right now, but with online.


@DayGloChainsaw monthly, I pay about $100 for my cable modem, about $300 for phones with internet service for my family, about $20 for Netflix, $10 for Youtube music, $100 for various other stuff (VPSs and the like). There’s an incredible amount of the internet that isn’t paid for by advertising. I do agree that some sites - twitter, FB, buzzfeed and so on, are indeed all paid by advertising, though.

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