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Hey. Short
My name is Michael, and I like to talk about all sorts of technologies, especially security-related ones. I had been active here for a while, but a fresh start never hurts, I guess.

I am currently getting used to i3wm on Debian, work on my blog and wiki, and plan to complete some certs soon.

Some things I want to do soonish: hosting an IRC server and start coding web apps and bots in Python (Flask)

Happy to be here again.

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New Windows exploit lets you instantly become admin. Have you patched?

Zerologon lets anyone with a network toehold obtain domain-controller password.

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Happy 1.6 billion seconds since Jan 1 1970 🥳

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I loved Pantera and Metallica when i was in high school (ack - >30 years ago!) and had a chance to listen to Metallica and felt long dormant neural pathways firing again, but damn that is some slow and boring music.

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I hate that I love As I Lay Dying’s music. Others in that genre (ABR, Parkway Drive, I Prevail, etc) are just too slow for me lately.

Anyhow, can anyone recommend music that is like AILD, but with 100% less “lead singer attempting to murder his wife”?

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What if The Matrix was trying to teach us about set theory?

Sorry for the downtime, all. Namebargain (my domain registrar) transferred all their domains to (namebargain’s parent company). I knew that was happening, but I missed the minor detail that THEY WOULD NUKE THE DNS SERVER RECORDS.

Anyhow, back now.

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could someone please explain PreLoader.efi to me? from what i could find, it seems pointless. it's a bootloader signed with microsoft secureboot keys, but it will execute any binary the user adds to its hash database, which apparently doesn't require any kind of authentication. what prevents an attacker from e. g. modifying the kernel and then adding its hash?

Update: out of surgery, everything came out fine, now to keep her from pulling out her staples.

In other news, I’ve been in my new job for 6 months and I have a whole new respect for CISOs.

This, BTW, is a clear indication of my incompetence at training her.

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She had an ear infection a few weeks ago (this is how we found the tumor), and a nice young vet tech comes out to the car to get Lacie. The vet tech was probably 5 foot tall and maybe 95 pounds. I told her Lacie is really strong and doesn’t want to be here. “Oh, I work with dogs all the time. All good”. Oook. I hand her the leash. And off they go, away from the building, vet tech trying to stay upright.

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In other news, she looks tiny in that picture. She is actually a 100 pound/45kg fur beast. I do believe, if she wanted to, she could pull my Expedition EL down the road.

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Anyhow, we pulled into the parking lot and she knew what was up. She hadn’t eaten since yesterday and we went for an early morning drive to the vet. She panicked. I had to perform a complex dog extraction procedure. It started out pretty graceful, and ended like a pro wrestling match gone bad.

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She really hates going to to vet. Always has. Way back when we were allowed to go into the vet, she would sit in the chairs for pet owners during the exam. I think she assumed this trick the vet into not touching her.

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My best friend is getting a cancerous tumor removed right now. Please think good thoughts for her.

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I'm a security engineer by trade. Here to find like-minded folks who are either in the process of, or have succeeded leaving the corporate paychecks behind to pursue projects like permaculture, building eco-homes (whatever that might mean to you), using their tech skills to protect privacy, do handicrafts, reduce waste, etc. #introductions

I am not proud to say that I just binged watched “Warrior Nun”. It’s been that kind of week

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