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馃敟馃敟馃敟 New Orleans Declares Following .
The attack started at 5 a.m. CST on Friday, December 13.
The city鈥檚 IT department gave the order for all employees to power down computers and disconnect from Wi-Fi. All city servers were also powered down, and employees told to unplug any of their devices.

Well, the saga of the monitor has come to an end. Here is it mounted over my treadmill desk. Yes, I have a lot of cable management work ahead of me over the Xmas break.

Good news: UPS apparently pulled my monitor from the wreckage of yesterday鈥檚 crash and are going to deliver it today. I am expecting a crumpled up, charred box. Let鈥檚 see.

FYI: it鈥檚 not bullying if the victim has it coming:

On a more serious note, this highlights a fundamental issue with people: we generally only see wrong in the things that are contrary to our own values.

馃敟馃敟馃敟Two malicious libraries caught stealing and .
One library was available for only two days, but the second was live for nearly a year.

Will be:

wait what
they (brave) force websites to participate in this and don't even let them tell their users they don't want to

brave browser isn't brave if it can't even stop pretending to be something else

Will be:

IMO, one of the root causes with the mess that is data privacy in our high-tech culture is the idea that data is 鈥渙wned鈥. Many companies鈥 position is basically that if I give them (or they discover) data about me, they now *own* that data

If they own it, they can do as they please with it, subject only to the limitations of any other property use

It鈥檇 be better if it was treated as *custodianship*

The ongoing saga of my monitor continues. I finally got a refund for the one that the fedex driver stole (NB: it was extremely helpful having video cameras that show the delivery person never even attempted to deliver it)

I reordered it to arrive today, when I鈥檓 off work. All was going well until the UPS truck transporting it was in a crash at 2am.

The universe does not want me to have this monitor.

I get the sense that the republicans in the impeachment articles debate think they are auditioning for a place on Trump鈥檚 cabinet.


Disneyland was fun, but I鈥檓 ready to be home.

In case anyone has a misconception, twitter will never ever ever ever ever (willingly/intentionally) federate with the fediverse and/or use activitypub. That is antithetical to their business model.

We are running a membership drive tonight folks.

Approvals are still required, but registrations are open for a 24 hour window.

Data Center Work 馃挵 

I鈥檝e seen some very bad reactions to this, but I think it鈥檚 great. Young people need to give a damn.

When I first started my job I found a form in an internal system that spat out strange output. I told the head of IT that it was a bad sign. I was told not to worry about it.

9 months later and I've got into HTB, I'm teaching myself python and I'm on track to finish net+ and sec+, all because I was curious about a weak form on an internal database.

I'm really bad about pulling loose threads.

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