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@jerry Paywalls that can be globally unlocked on a per-article basis, maybe?

So, every article starts out fully paywalled, and has a cost to unlock the paywall for you, and for everyone, assigned to it.

You can just buy access to the article, and the funds that you pay for the article go towards the global unlock fund. Once the target is reached, the paywall is lifted for everyone for that article.

I see a lot of complaining here about Salon’s decision to mine currency if a visitor is using an ad blocker. No income means no paid staff. Mining currency is likely a less risky proposition than allowing ads (for now at least).

The mantra for a long time about the changes brought about by the internet (ala RIAA/MPAA) is “adapt or die”. Here we have a company attempting to adapt and people are throwing rocks at it.

What is a better alternative?

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If you're in the greater Baltimore area, I'll be giving my "Writing #FreeBSD #Malware" presentation at @charmbugbsd on the 29th of March. I'm looking for feedback on it before I present at #thotcon.


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Oh... wow:

Flight-sim devs say hidden password-dump tool was used to fight pirates
Installer ran a "Chrome Password Dump" tool on copies suspected of piracy.

#InfoSec #WhatTheFuck

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hey y'all I'm looking for a programming gig in NYC that involves doing good things and working with amazing people. I can do all kinds of code. Who do you know who is looking?

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Trail of Bits is doing the most incredible work, taking the tooling of deep offensive research into the realm of proper software engineering.

I just watched the Black Panther. It was not very believable. An ancient African country with advanced technology? Please. Something is up. Super advanced civilization and not a single hand rail or safety barrier protecting from those massive drop offs anywhere.

TIL that Mastodon really really likes cat pics.

One more for . This is Thor. He is a Good Cat. Mostly.

If you’ve seen it, what did you think of the Black Panther movie?

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Happy Friday, hackers 👾

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends! 💘

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My answer: I used to work in a women's health care medical practice / charity / educational institution (where doctors go to get certified) in another role and would love to run projects just focusing entirely on infosec issues and skills (digital forensics against abuse etc).

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From T:
"Here’s a question for you... If you could step away from your job for three months, and with that time your goal was to use your tech skills to help improve as many people lives as possible...what would you do?"

What would you answer be?

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