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Hi Friends, I'm looking for a new full-time position for something related to distributed systems. I'm a full stack dev with a strong knowledge base in p2p systems. I'd really appreciate introductions to anybody that would be interested in my skills.

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Does anyone here use any 'deep work' technique?

Would appreciate tips.

So far: no notifications, no smartphone, try to avoid any distraction while working. I think the promodoro technique is the mist famous one.

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The Paradox of Choice - Learning new skills in without getting too overwhelmed

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Related: What are *your* methods of keeping healthy (mentally, physically, etc) while in ?

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@jerry I'll give you a bold one. 2019 is the year the USA will get an omnibus federal privacy statute. It will inevitably include some -related provisions. It'll be fueled by the data companies that didn't get a chance to influence the CCPA. It will solve some problems (e.g. breach notification patchwork). It will create some new ones. It won't be anywhere near as bad as CCPA or GDPR.

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Admins of Mastodon, I need some Apache help Show more

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Jayson E. Street shares a familiar story from one of his , but also follows up with a not-well-known epilogue that has me in stitches!

It’s been almost a year since the messy disclosure of meltdown/Spectre. Seems like there is some new variant or twist every week. I feel like we’re getting numb and guessing that is going to bite us in the butt.

Delivered presents to 22 kids and 6 adults today in Panama City, FL. Heard some really heart breaking stories. The best part is that, maybe just for a few minutes, they had a better day.

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The endpoint is the perimeter. regardless of where it resides. It's why endpoint agents to evaluate processes and detect and stop malicious activity is the only option. It's why I like Carbon Black, but there are plenty of other similar and good products.

Establish perimeter security, and Arm you endpoints.

Get SOC to the level of threathunting.

We all know it's all about the layers.

That said, the breaches will continue... regardless of what we do to prevent them...

humans are crafty, there will always be new exploits, and we will forever be diligently working to stop these evolving threats.

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@bob @jerry


Because of this, we will have undetectable exploits. attacks utilizing this methodology will rise to be more common as we tighten the leash with TTP based endpoint defense.

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I've been using Mastadon for about 30 minutes and I'm hooked. Wow. Do you all use this and Twitter? Find yourself not really using Twitter as much?

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I would like to pose a question to the group. What are your thoughts regarding DNA Ancestry Tests. My Infoseek hat says hell no, nothing is secure. Some of my family look at me like I am a paranoid witch. Am I being too paranoid?

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@jerry I'll add to that:

- breaches will continue to be blamed on "hackers" instead of dismal state of IT security

- IoT and supply-chain attacks will spawn a bastard child of a problem when IoT vendors start providing (limited, incomplete) updates but fail to secure their infrastructure

- more regulation (some for the better, some for worse) is going to come after GDPR trailblazed and showed it can work.

#InfoSec #InfoSuck

Time to play Santa for some people who lost their houses in Hurricane Michael

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#PODCAST: Raising #Hacker Kids
#blackhills #infosec #sysadmin

Yes, #Ethical Hacker Kids. The holidays are coming up! Here John & Jordan cover the different games, tools and gifts we can give kids that help teach them the trade. There is nothing, nothing like sitting around with family picking locks, learning to code and helping kids through the latest Holiday Hack Challenge.

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Anybody have experience/the skinny on cymulate?

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