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Took my dog to the dog park today. Apparently my introversion is contagious between species. So many friendly dogs to play with and all she wanted to do is be alone.

Got to watch my son PR in a 5k race tonight. Quite proud of him.

After he finished, he saw me ran ran up and gave me a hug. Impressive for a 16 y/o old. ❤️

So our house came with a… seismograph. Anyone know anything about these and wants to FaceTime with me?

Any bets how long it will be before we see governments complaining about DNS over HTTPS causing criminals and terrorists to “go dark”?

Sorry, haven't posted for a while - been manic here!

Just published a new blog article:

What Does Climbing Mountains Have in Common with Cyber Security?

In the latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast, hosted by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, Carole has suffered an injury, we journey back in time to one of our earliest episodes to discuss the perils of passwords, and Rachael Stockton from LastPass drops by for a chat.

This might be too niche a question, but are there open source projects that use Go and seem accessible to beginners?

He was really close to being put down. Our vet actually encouraged us to consider it. But mostly because of the cost.

Good news: Apollo has recovered pretty well. He requires twice daily insulin shots and is on prescription food for his kidney issues, but he acts about 5 years younger (he’s about 14). He’s playful, cruises around the house, fights with his brother, and so on. Really glad we have him another chance.
(He just came up next to me, laid down, and went to sleep) ❤️

According to this, there are ~3.5 million fediverse accounts, which I assume are owned by about 2000 different people that can’t decide which instance to pick.

Handy tool: dnstwist - generates a list of typo-squatting variations of your domain and checks to see if they are registered. Has some additional functionality to check mail servers and page hashes to identify phishing opportunities:

The lack of built in GIF searching in Mastodon has made me realise I express my feelings with GIFs too much.

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