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Just a reminder, you can support through liberapay:


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Everything is fake now and we seem weirdly okay with it

Jerry Bell boosted Here is another shout in the void! Hope you enjoy it and roast me for all the places where I'm wrong (seriously, I want this to be correct and if I'm not, it's worthless).

Also, thanks @jerry for providing me a lovely quote!

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Everything you wanted to know about Exchange Zero Days, but were afraid to ask.

Microsoft Exchange Zero Day's - Mitigations and Detections. - Blue Team Blog

In more relevant news, I did not realize it was an option to blame the intern

I am quite excited that I now own the place I took this picture from. And get to visit it this week. 🏄🌞

One very trivial upside of the pandemic for me is that I only have to file taxes in 2020 in one state, unlike the usual 3 or 4.

I learned today that my youngest son’s prom is not going to happen this year. Sad because it was also cancelled last year, and this is his final year of high school. Cancelling is likely the right thing to do, but sad for him that it had to happen.

...and we're back. hopefully no more changes for a while.

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How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?

Feel free to expand on your answer as a reply

Boost for a larger sample size 💕 is getting a new IP soon. Site will be unstable tomorrow for a while during DNS propagation.

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Can't recall which feed I saw this in, but I love this approach to laptop design. If they offer the same in a 15-16" form factor, I think I've found my eventual next laptop

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Yo! $DayJob is looking for to recruit security researchers, developers, engineers team leaders and more to join the team. Seriously...hit me up and I can give you more intel.

has anyone played around with ebpf? The feed of exec() and open() calls seems quite useful from a security monitoring perspective

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bullshit levels are currently at 84% but fluctuating wildly

(84%) ■■■■■■■■□□

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