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Just a reminder, you can support through liberapay:


What do the cool kids use for server perf monitoring these days? Used to use mrtg/cacti back in the olden days

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New Bluetooth hack can unlock your Tesla—and all kinds of other devices

[The] attack uses custom software and about $100 worth of equipment... It works against the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y and Kevo smart locks marketed under the Kwikset and Weiser brand names. But...virtually any BLE device that authenticates solely on proximity—as opposed to also requiring user interaction, geolocation querying, or something else—is vulnerable.

SolarWinds trying to get back in the game:

The discussion on protecting their build environment is particularly interesting to me.

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Longshot, but does anyone on here have a copy of the Single Unix Specification, version 3 to hand? I'm trying to figure out why the Austin Group decided that strftime should have that alphabet-soup set of formatting options.

Using AI to quickly stop ransomware

New method to kill cyberattacks in less than a second


My oldest son went to Norway right after university graduation. This is a picture he sent of he and a friend on a cliff.

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My advice to every internal Red Team:

Run more ops. Make them shorter.

Tighten the feedback loop, increase the volume of actionable data.

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Okay I”m new here so I’m still trying to figure out my way around here.

My posts will be about , and in general.

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I still think gif is pronounced "gee eye eff" and png is pronounced "punnnnnng"

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Cyberattacks and misinformation activity against Ukraine continues say security researchers - Malware and fake news continues, says Mandiant.

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What's a scientific theory or unexplained phenomenon you really love but you don't think we talk about enough?

I want to hear all the weirdest ones

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