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Just a reminder, you can support through liberapay:


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I need help! In my new informatic class are two nearly blind kids.

Do any of you know something like a digital notepad/whiteboard combination that works kind of like etherpad where I can share a URL and that is fully #accessible ?

Maybe you know other tools that might be helpful?

#FediLZ #informatik #education

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Now taking recommendations for a document scanner with a very small footprint. Let me know what Fedi recommends, please.

Please :boost_requested:

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The DNA of baker's yeast has been successfully altered by biotechnologist Pascale Daran-Lapujade and her team at Delft University of Technology. A vital human trait has been successfully transplanted into a yeast cell for the first time.

Original tweet :

These freaking double heart beats are going to keep me awake. D- would not recommend.

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Hoping to see all of you at DEF CON this year! Send us a DM if you want to hang out!

One of these years, I’ll get to go to security summer camp. But someone has to stay behind to keep the internet safe

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Creates beautiful noises to mask the noises you don’t want to hear.

Still looking for the perfect something to drown-out "that guy who keeps using FOX News talking-points.

Oh, and leave space between you and the car in front, and for Pete’s sake, pay attention.

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While driving down to university on Saturday morning on I75 going maybe 80mph, I could see traffic slowing. I started slowing down. There was a big gap between me and the car front and behind me. Suddenly, the car in front started braking hard. I couldn’t tell why, so I started braking harder. Nothing too bad. I have a large truck, full of apartment furnishings, so I wasn’t stopping fast regardless.

Well, the person behind me apparently wasn’t paying close attention and had to slam on his brakes to avoid rear ending me. I was stopped and so was he. Suddenly the car behind me got rear ended, and the car behind him, and so on. I am not entirely sure how many crashes there work. None were serious, from what I could tell.

Then, on my way back home, we are cruising on I16, probably going 85mph. Traffic was fairly light, but that was roughly the speed of traffic. I16 is very straight in parts, for miles, but has these undulating hills. At the peak, off in the far distance, I thought I saw police lights. We went on for a while, maybe another mile or so, top of another hill, I think I see them again. But I lose the view.

Finally, next bill, yet another mile, I can see there is definitely a police car with lights on, and it is moving. I’m in the left lane. As we crest the hill, I move to the right lane. A few moments later, and I can hear the sirens. I’m still going 80 or so, but slowed down slightly for reasons. The police car passes me at a blistering speed. Guessing maybe 130-140mph. He races up behind the car that was in front of me, and pulls them over.

So, the car in front of me was also big and white like mine. And we are going roughly the same speed. Not sure if that was meant for me.

But what was really alarming was how fast that police car was going, and how long he was chasing this car to apparently give them a speeding ticket. My wife is pretty sure it the police car was on an overpass clocking drivers because you can’t see them as you pass under the bridge, then they tag you and race off down the entrance ramp.

Anyhow, don’t speed kids.

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I like using official tools instead of third-party tools, but is insanely laggy and basically unusable now.

What are the best alternatives?

I need something with multiple columns for different searches I can review daily. (My normal use is the app or main website.)

Just finished my 700 mile (total) trek to move son #2 into university. I was starting getting really sleepy while driving today, so I over caffeinated and now I feel like my heart is going to squeeze out of my rib cage and run away 😅

The amount of chaos I can cause on yikyak in this college town is… unsettling

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Just wrapping up moving my youngest son into his apartment at the university. Hopefully this is the last time I move him till he’s done (3 more years).

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Hi, I'm the Senior Marketing Manager at Mastodon. The key to post engagement and high visibility in the Mastodon algorithm is to state an opinion about the version control software Git.

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Rumor on The Register is that GitLab is going to start deleting inactive repos on free accounts in order to save on hosting costs:

Which, if true, is one of the stupidest possible things they could plausibly do.

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