So I think someone wants me to help them deal drugs? Maybe? 🤷‍♂️

@jeff it’s likely handling stolen merchandise. Criminals buy stuff online using stolen credit cards and have it sent to a “worker’s” house, who is instructed to send it to some other person who paid the criminals for the stolen item. From the perspective of the worker, it’s just receiving stuff and sending it out to someone else.

@jerry @jeff Interestingly enough, sounds like a legit job description.

Some podcasts and SaaS products run a little swag shop, and while some use a service like Cafe Press, others carry inventory. If you carry inventory, it can get big enough to just hire someone part-time to run the logistics out of their house. Offloads the distraction from the real venture.

@jeff More likely, products purchased with stolen credit cards are shipped to your address, you then repack them and ship them to a foreign country.

U.S. based addresses are far less likely to trip fraud detection, and the drop being raided gives the scammers a chance to clear out of the address(es) they've used.

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