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Thanks for the tips everyone! I'm trying to put together a collaborative workspace for an amorphous group of people of varying degrees of tech experience. Riot.im seems really promising and I think we're going to try and migrate from Slack over to it when the community features are more stable there.

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Nextcloud has calendar as a main feature. You can self-host or have someone else host for you.

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I finally got nextcloud set up for myself and I'm really liking the layout and calendar hopefully I'll be able to get the other 10+ ppl on board before they get too used to Slack and google cal

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Did you go with a single user instance or one that has the ability to add more people as users?

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I guess I signed up single user on thegood.cloud. Just wanted to see how it works.
We definitely don't have a stable budget yet to pay for anything or set up a server. So maybe this option is out for us right now

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