Google Duplex haute take 

i really hope it doesn't end up being obviously robotic, because i fear the terrible things people will do/say to a robot that reaches out to them

nobody deserves that, not even robots :(

Google Duplex haute take 

@jackiebailz the inflections and filler words make me think it'll probably be passable. sprinkle a few "um"s and "uh"s in there and anything can seem more natural

Google Duplex haute take 


agree. it would fool me until i gave it several minutes of thought after the fact. i also think id be much less annoyed getting a Duplex call than a generic robo-voice call

but there's a lot of backlash apparently. people calling it horrifying, antisocial (which it kinda is), etc. and proposing to make it less human

Google Duplex haute take 

@jackiebailz yeah, those people are just afraid of progress. i've seen a lot of people saying it has "ethical implications" and "should never have been made" and "silicon valley being horrific as usual" but no one can actually point out *what* those implications are, or *why* it shouldn't exist, etc etc

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