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jACK @jackiebailz@infosec.exchange

when Slack gives you the oopsie woopsie...

Ctf shenanigans Show more

con this weekend! \o/

anyone from tootsite going?

chugging the Google kool-aid Show more

chugging the Google kool-aid Show more

freaking out so hard...

i just want to go for a really long drive right now

jfc this is so bad

...anyone hiring?

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apparently an article came out last week about how my org is hemorrhaging millions and our board members are under SEC investigation


same can be said for PGP even.

if you arent developing something that forces implementations to use sane defaults, you aren't developing security.

the difference is that even if you use the command line tool, you still have to load the gun before you can shoot yourself in the foot

see an auth error? maybe just rm that file

fully in the rebound!

now the consensus seems to be that "if everyones implementation is broken then its not the implementation"

if you aren't developing an implementation to use secure defaults, you're not developing security.

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EFF and Efail Show more

the pendulum swings...

since opinion seems to be shifting regarding , does anyone have alternatives to PGP?

its lame to say "don't use that encryption" without providing alternatives

use encryption. install patches.

anyone else worried about how the EFF is pushing such an anti-PGP agenda with this?

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Google Duplex haute take Show more

if you add an application override to my firewall that tells the fw traffic over 443 is something else,


when gitlab gives you the oopsie woopsie