tfw you hose your Thinkpad's modified bios for a custom meme splash image and now can't boot due to incompatible wireless card :v

I may be an idiot, but I'm stupid. 

Trying to find my wire cutters to rend the microphones from this Thinkpad...

"Hey Google, turn on the light"


Despair, but also hope 

I mean, shit. Mozilla of all companies is saying that what did occur isn't enough.

What happened to working towards an open internet?

At least the EFF has somewhat of a sane outlook, and looking like more perceptions are shifting as well.

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Back because it turns out that censorship by megacorps is being praised by too many people these days, and too many that disagree are calling for government intervention. That's... not better.

Just gonna build censorship (by org and/or gov) into my threat model...

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Totally forgot this account existed.

Hello again, world!

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I'm gonna shit on the rug of the next person who calls a viable alternative to . 🤬

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nodejs returning a 418 is definitely something that will ease my anxiety

i do love a good 418 error :D

job interview tomorrow...

i'm probably above the position (SOC1), but i desperately need the experience in the trenches and its an org that has some top notch people and scenarios.

really wish i was Domino about now...

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when your IT admin won't re-enable SSL decryption and won't respond to your emails

can anyone confirm that the Pixel 2 gets better cell reception than any given iPhone? my residence is normally a dead zone for my carrier, but switching to the P2 seems to have resolved my reception issues

cell reception is a thing that could break the bonds of iMessage, since actually using your cell phone for calls is neat

Ctf shenanigans 

Never underestimate trivia questions 🤘

chugging the Google kool-aid 


Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun,
Kiss the girls and make them One.
Boys at 0ne with girls at peace;
Orgy-porgy gives release.

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chugging the Google kool-aid 

if only Google didn't provide so much value-add. their UI/UX is actually good, traffic analytics are a godsend, and not having to call and schedule things is my dream

since google is going to ingest data on me anyway (friends have androids, etc), i might as well get something out of it

freaking out so hard...

i just want to go for a really long drive right now

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