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I'm doing Will a blog series. Will add my daily blogs to this thread.

If you like the content please retweet and feel free to share elsewhere. Help me reach ppl that are less aware about online security!

October 1: Why everyone should care about online security.

I just published the first blog in the “Creating a security culture” series.

In this introductory blog I explain why awareness is not enough.

More info about how to get the sheet in the blog or
you can download this (and future cheat sheets) on this page:

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This blog gives more info about the secure account creation cheet sheet I created. The cheat sheet and blog are for non-techies to improve their security.

I just blogged: "Encoding != Encryption != Hashing"

A quick and highly simplified explanation about encoding, encryption and hashing and how they are different.

The best solution is not necessarily the most secure solution. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. The balance between security and usability must be right.

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