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I'm doing Will a blog series. Will add my daily blogs to this thread.

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October 1: Why everyone should care about online security.

I just blogged: "Encoding != Encryption != Hashing"

A quick and highly simplified explanation about encoding, encryption and hashing and how they are different.

The best solution is not necessarily the most secure solution. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. The balance between security and usability must be right.

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⚠️Multiple products use weak encryption cipher and hardcoded cryptographic keys to communicate with cloud services. ⚠️

If you use Fortinet's services check this blog and update ASAP.

🚨 If you have one of the following HPE SAS SSDs models it's time to install a critical patch🚨

They have a firmware defect that causes SSD failure at 32,768 hours of operation and neither the SSD nor the data can be recovered.

More info here:

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