I’m going to Diana Initiative! Is anyone else here going?

I’m moving (for the last time) to @ivyfae@friend.camp

Follow me over there!

Made ivyfae@radical.town for music, gay shit, and being a dumbass. Staying here for computering.

I’ve been sitting in this DMV for two whole hours and someone is playing Sonic at max volume across the room.

git config alias.wtf “!git log —oneline —decorate -5 && git status —short && git reflog -10 && echo Everything\’s going to be OK”

I spent my long weekend going through the SANS Holiday Hack 2018. I’m on objective 9.75/10 at the moment (Rando Ware stuff). It was too fun to put down!

It feels worth it to put together a report or writeup so I can find a good workflow for that, even if I don’t post it anywhere. Got any tips? I took a lot of notes and screenshots.

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Watching The Dark Crystal with my kids and it occurred to me:

Those frail Mystics walk a long way without shoes, and eat very little on the way; they must have very bad breath

Which of course make them super-calloused fragile Mystics hexed by halitosis

Hello! I'm Ivy and I'm I'm a developer and Scrum Master getting more into infosec. I'm independently studying topics related to pentesting. I also produce and record electronic music if you want to talk about that.

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