Dear YouSeeDK
you don't seem to understand good practice - Apparently "Password1" is a good password, while a (not so) funny passphrase is NOT. (Nor were the ones from PW generator).

Eller på Dansk, "Man må da håbe det bliver bedre imorgen"

Open source ventilators for crisis situations. These are approved by the Danish Health Authorities

One line DNSSEC configuration in BIND 9.16 (coming out later in February 2020):

zone "" {
type master;
file "";
dnssec-policy default;

See talk by Evan Hunt (ISC) from DNS-OARC last weekend about this and other changes coming in the new BIND 9 version:

"The only beneficiaries from the resulting wrong-think will be shareholders and employees of the garbage-spewing security vendor, and of course, the bad guys"

I'm running a (hopefully) fortnightly newsletter on Substack called The Dork Web. First issue is out on the 30th of Jan, featuring the <$200 Pinebook Pro, a Z80 SBC for running CP/M, China's social credit system in the west and more. Sign up here:

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