CentOS be like: ha ha you want a compiler? how about gcc4.8.5? that's good and modern right??????

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Here’s a good summary of what is happening with two of the SSL VPN appliances this weekend.

Some of the largest companies, national infrastructure suppliers and government agencies in the world are still impacted. bankinfosecurity.com/hackers-h

I realize this is a cheap shot. But a slightly less cheap shot is that these vulnerabilities are currently one of the most serious security problems facing Apple, and they haven’t given any indication that they’re prioritizing the kind of architectural fixes they need.


Building an AppSec Program with a Budget of $0: Beyond the OWASP Top 10 youtu.be/5RmHQKeXgk4

I'm finding buying enterprise software incredibly exhausting. All I want to do is buy access to an archive of content, but in order to do that I have to go through countless calls and webinars so they can demonstrate value.

Wasting my time is not demonstrating value.

Ein Schönes Deutsches Volkslied von 1982 / A beautiful German folk song from 1982


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