I think I am going to have to move infosec.exchange to invite only. The number of automated registrations (or mechanical Turk style registrations) is out of control. Less that .1% (1 out of a thousand) registrations appears to be real.

working on this $30 disability-friendly USB controller thing still and i have a bunch of layout concepts so far, but i really need some more input from folks who would get some use out of it to figure out what shapes are gonna help with what disabilities

if anyone is or knows someone who'd be into something like this, absolutely please :boost_anim_vanilla: so i can hopefully make something that helps a couple more people

Just to remind my IT affine bubble:

Plan for your death; what passwords should be able to be accessed after your death, which mustn't?
Share a database with the current ones and maybe a splitted password with the right people .

Make contact lists, if your phone is locked

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