"The Linux developers will write our code for free" is what I heard one salaried iOS guy say.

Not my audience, but good luck.

I greatly admire what you are doing for all of the indigenous language keepers on the continent that left Africa to warn its friends in Tibet what closed systems do. Sometimes the hostages do not know they are hostages. Open code and systems will help save some people who know that German does not make one indigenous to the Gaza; Germanic and Yiddish language families were one of the first envious stalkers of Desi beauty.

If we (we as in humanity) do not recover enough language WRITERS and keepers who are women from the chains and bondage of fascistbook and its enablers,

"all _____________ life will cease to exist by 2095 "

Oh, and remember ergonomics. Phones are bad for our posture. Look at the terrible posture of Americans, and do better for your people.

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