playing with Lumia again tells me, that whatever sailfish is great, as long as the supported devices don't have comparable lenses, sensors and imaging software, I'll stick with my beloved windows 10 mobile phone.

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Good to know rhat Microsoft is working on the next Progress Report. Last one got published in 2011

Looking at the translation table of , it makes me shiver imagining this database gets breached once, with all the data as eg clothing size, name of partner, children, income, passport ID, etc. disclosed.

Are you really aware of all trackers on your own web presence?

Streaming from to via dlna works well, too by using app

This is on .
Just can't get enough of this way of translucent design for the app.

is fun. Great and smooth ui, nice gesture handling.
And Linux 😍

on is the most beautiful mastodon app I've seen so far

Xperia x ✅
Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes ✅
let's do it!

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