somehow it feels wrong when your annual bonus dies the next day with the invoice for your commuter ticket.

if (Browser == "Netscape")

this came unexpected. 16 years old code. I don't even dare looking for exploits...

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“Linux Sucks. Forever. - Filmed live at Linux Fest NW - April 28, 2018” #youtube #video #linux

only after getting on again with my son after a quarrel, linux boots again.
strange coincidence?!

So far, looks quite promising. pages show up fast, adblocker is available. Good for now.

palemoon. why should one use it over firefox?

thetradedesk gives option to web users to download all his/her which was acquired by
is there something similar for eg doubleclick?

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Phishing switched off. finally that bank worked on the open xss on their page.
the devs seem to struggle however with sanitizing and encoding properly "<" => "&lt;"

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not going to buy another
2nd recall in 4 years, humidity were it shouldn't and overall not best quality. disappointing and annoying

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