actually nice as one can der easily the ongoing development/changelog from within the and the running processes. good feeling to know what os is doing in the background.

but wait, there's
Hm... interesting. Have to try it :)

seems like the only way of still getting software updates to my is to run on it.
Currently running on it which works speedy and great, but unfortunately this rom is not trustable.
Bouncing idea if I should start from what offers via source and building the myself...

while taking photos with the felt like , on the it feels like taking snapshots with a Kodak fun saver.
What would be a good app on ?

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„In der Falle: Julian #Assange zwischen Politik und Justiz”

Ein ausgezeichnet recherchierter, couragierter Dokumentarfilm über den Kampf Assanges für eine rechtsstaatliche Behandlung.

Verfügbar bis 31.03.2020.
#Pressefreiheit #whistleblower #WikiLeaks /c

feels funny and like a time travel to the golden times of while playing with Lumia Denim again on my

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"Anybody who thinks iOS or Android is a superior operation system, has to try #SailfishOS. You will admit, this is 100% a better way to use a mobile device." Noah, Destination #Linux, Episode 137.

8k steps per day is 240k steps per month and almost 3 million per year.
now I realize why my shoes look like they do

testing on-ear headphones for the kids really show me that I should replace my normal earbuds with some more sophisticated stuff.
Such a difference!

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just wondering if there's some tech to power a micro-sized adapter from a ethernet port and use this same wired connection for data transfer? Eg a USB3 sandisk ultra fit attached to the adapter should be utilized for storage.

My Macbook is limited to , though has gigabit ethernet and I desperately look for ways how to speed up external data transfer.

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