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Bad design by Lenovo putting the lid sensor of their thinkpads on the area below the trackpad. Once I move the iPhone or iPad too close to the laptop, the laptop starts hibernation mode

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500 Teilnehmer in einer BigBlueButton Konferenz?
Geht das?

Lasst es uns ausprobieren!
Beim Lasttest in der virtuellen Hostsharing Kantine:

Diesen Mittwoch, 12.5.

Uhrzeit: 13.00 bis 13.30 Uhr


Software und Montoring sind bereit.
Lasst uns gemeinsam Mittagessen 🥗

even the sole idea of implemeting chaos engineering puts so much chaos upfront in my brain, which in return raises the pure need for it. We're doomed...

Reading for a second time, it is still so much of an eye opener.

so, - never heard of this one before. Was tempted to use , but am happy to stay with firefox base

One of the most annoying thing about COVID is, except for its sheer existence, is people talking about it all the time. Can’t stand it any more. Isn’t there any beauty left on earth you can talk about?

every time I think I can finally replace this old iPad mini, I find a way round. This time - didn't find a good app, so deployed on my and do access it via

Fascinated by and would love to have it in my job, though I’m not a developer but an ops person. Now what?

Security by ignorance makes fighting evil guys a lot cheaper and easier

First time participating in an online conference and hating, that for every joining of a session my data would be transferred automatically to the speaker. This would lead to loads of spam and my data getting elsewhere... is actually great to watch jointly some youtube live coverage, or as I'm doing now a recorded Metallica concert together with friends

Fantastic news that I can finally use the camera on with video, light and flash on my
Ubports is really doing great 👍

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Wenn ihr nicht bei seid: Bittet eure Instanz-Admins, den Anti-FLoC-Header zu setzen (Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()). Hier ist er bereits gesetzt (

Seems I have to rephrase some recent postmortem report, when saying “be more attentive when writing release information”.
Instead I should dig deeper and ask why we need release information emails at all.

so happy that the first online social network my kids are learning about is and

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