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Wondering if there’s a good virtual reality live stream of recreational areas like seashore mountains forest etc in times when you cannot travel in person

The S in is misleading. It definitely does not stand for more sleep

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why are there two Desktop sessions in my profile on whereas I have only one in reality?

many websites will be doomed by this, building on 3rd party domain authentication with samesite headers

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Bei der Uniklinik Heidelberg werden wohl dringend Menschen die sich mit 3D Druckern auskennen (Ulimaker 1+2) sowie CAD modellieren können (ich hab Kontaktdaten) - die brauchen hilfe vor Ort

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Walking half an hour around the kitchen table to finalize my daily activity goal of 8000 steps per day.
succeeded 🥇

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Take care of yourself so you can keep being awesome.

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Go-Corona: A Golang lib for accessing global coronavirus outbreak data -

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Our long and uncomfortable path towards freedom and tranquility these days.

Wondering what's better in terms of - outdated custom rom ( pie) from oct 2019 or latest with ancient firefox esr

nice of not using twitter and facebook, that I get spared of too much (fake) news.
Hence I decide myself how much information on is tolerable at times

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Here's a huge collection of free PC games made available temporarily, to keep, for anyone staying home.

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Will keep trying to gather people here on Matrix/Riot:

free for everybody with


this must be neutral, not related to a company or commercial project.

If we get a critical mass of IT guys together, we will inform government and press of help being available.

I hope we get at least 10-15 people together. Security is only one part of it. Users have far more problems.


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