@davidrevoy sweet 😊 ... too sweet in fact. How do I make these birds angry?

@hashtagsecurity Haha :) You can look in the *.zip source; there is a *.ora file that you can edit with GIMP/Mypaint/Krita/Pinta; it has all the layers in it, just add frowning eyes brows on one of the "eyes_*" layer of your choice and it's done!

@davidrevoy Awesome. Now if only graphics was a thing I am capable of doing... πŸ˜…

@hashtagsecurity I'm sure you can open the file, and tweak two frowning lines with the line tool of Krita ;-)

@davidrevoy there you go. One messed up bird. I don't think he's angry. Let's call it determined.


@davidrevoy krita is amazing! 😍 And trackpoint friendly apparently, cause that's all I got over here. πŸ˜…

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