I'm sure there are lots of linux users here to. Since I just did a video (german) on hard disk and folder encryption, might as well post the same question here and see what people throw at me.

Are you using any form of disk or file encryption on your linux machine? If yes, what program are you using?


@hashtagsecurity Yes, Fedora supports using LUKS encrypted partitions with a single checkbox in the installer.

Good to hear, seems luks is (becoming?) the standard for disk encryption.

@hashtagsecurity Using LUKS on Manjaro was pretty wasy to set up. Wondering about something else to encrypt individual files and folder though. Any ideas?

Isn't manjaro using plasma as DE? If so, vaults is a good way (supports encfs and cryfs - see video at around 3:15 i think)

Other than that, veracrypt. I recently learned of gocryptfs but haven't tried it yet. :)

@hashtagsecurity Manjaro has several officially supported versions, but yeah I’m running with Plasma.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’m still figuring out linux, but I’ve used veracrypt on Windows a whilr back. It might be useful as a crossplatform solution as well.

It is, but for daily use on linux I suggest give plasma vaults a try. The integration is good and you should understand the usage from my video even without understanding what I'm saying ;)

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