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"The C Programming Language -- A language which combines the flexibility of
assembly language with the power of assembly language."
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Honestly, i'm really reminded about an old joke:
- Hey, developer, can you tell me why you are always so off in your time estimations?
- Well, imagine that you need to unload the car. How long would it take?
- Couple hours
- It's a truck
- 8 hours
- A truck loaded with sand
- 12 hours
- You don't have a shovel or any other tools, just your bare hands
- 2 days
- It's negative 40C outside
- 4 days
- Oh, and the truck is underwater
- That's unfair, why do you keep coming up with new conditions?

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hacker news? i'd rather see some hacker nudes

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o - oversharing
p - personal
s - stuff
e - everywhere
c - constantly

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how to gremlin
1) identify computer about to go to ewaste
2) :wide_s: :wide_n: :wide_a: :wide_t: :wide_c: :wide_h:
3) run linux on it

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The Creature, the ultimate being, the one that scours the umbral plains, the slayer of gods, the devourer of reality

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Hacker montage
Pan to eyes
Zoom into screen
Binary data transition
Diagonal pan over laptop
Rapid transitions
Zooms in typing "hello world"

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someone forking your git repo is writing fanfiction of your code,,,

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Department of highly available redundant highly available redundant highly available redundant high redundancy availability department

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a 'noscope' is a little trick in programming where you remove a pair of curly braces

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archive.org should have a service where you pay them a couple bucks and they mail you a DVD full of random data. Like a blind bag. Here's 4.7GB of text files, magazine scans, Phish concerts, quasi-legal scans of books that are out of print and it's unclear who owns the rights, snapshots of websites from 2004, shareware compilation disks, etc. You never know what treasures you'll uncover!

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Q: What do you say when someone destructively removes every single part in a device for reverse engineering?

A: Irreversible engineering.

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Atoms are binary. They are either intended to be hydrogen or helium. We can't just scrap this worldview just because of a handful of exceptions
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Every algorithm is O(1), for sufficiently large values of 1.

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piracy levels are 100% and rising

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

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