@MacLemon I thought that discussion on the securitytxt github died a couple of years ago in favour of /.well-known/? Has it come up again? Personally I prefer to keep files like this away from my web root.

@MacLemon or, place a .well-known/security.txt file in the root of your website with the required information on how to contact you.

Taking a well-needed break from cyber, security and work for a few days exploring beautiful Lisbon. No laptop, just my phone, and even that is staying mostly in my pocket except when using it to take pictures. It's great to decouple completely like this once in a while!

@bignose gettogether.community is striving to become an open source, federated, self-hostable version of meetup.com. That could be an option, it's usable even though far from feature complete.

Hey Elon, can you hurry up that StarLink project please? We need faster wifi on planes ASAP! (and this has nothing to do with the fact that I forgot to locally sync music in Spotify before we left, leaving me forced to listen to a couple of screaming babies for a little over 4 1/2 hours)

@gcluley I'm always looking forward to Thursday and the next episode of Smashing Security. Keep up the fantastic work!

Hanging around in an airport waiting for your flight is awesome!

.... said no-one ever.

I've kind of been bitten by the Kerbal Space Program bug again. It's been years since I last played any computer games and back then it was also KSP.

Today I upgraded the data.coop server to v1.0.0 and our riot-web instance to 1.2.1. Yay! 1.0.0 is quite the milestone!

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The Intercept is hiring a digital security specialist in NYC, if anyone is interested!

You’ll work directly with journalists on operational security issues related to securing devices, communicating with sources, protecting document sets, and collaborating securely. You'll also develop curriculum for and help run an internal digital security training program.

This is a union job. POC, people with disabilities, women, and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply


I'm trying to pull myself up for a full day of architecture sessions at work. But I was out with a couple of co-workers and one of our vendors last night so it's not an easy task to pull off. The really good food and cocktails were worth it though.

Fingers crossed! It's got a different fingerprint though so I guess it'll look like a brand new node. I should probably back up my keys this time.

@bcl Yeah my Pis seem to fry them quite frequently as well 🤷🏼‍♂️

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