@deni I feel exactly the same way. Being on that 4-day high of inspirational and intellectual energy and surrounded by so many awesome people is a tough one to come down from!

is at :) Come talk to the organisers or get your hands on one of our awesome electronic badges from 2018 or 2019.


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Anyone out there with 2.4GHz #antenna experience who can help me with this helix antenna?

I tried building the #iceconefeed by DO8PAT, but I can't seem to get a good VSWR at 2.4GHz.

I tried moving and bending some parts that I though affected the tuning, but the dip at 2.174GHz stays pretty much in the same spot.

Also any pointers to literature about these types of antennas are highly appreciated.

Original plans: qrz.com/db/DO8PAT

#QO100 #hamradio #13cm

How many license classes do you have in Germany? Here we have 3. D, B and A. D is for 70cm/2m/6m, B opens almost all HF bands but at limited power (100W max) and A is the full license. B corresponds to CEPT Novice and A is the full CEPT license.

Fellow , if you use , _please_ check your mic gain, chances are you need to turn it down a notch. There are so many _extremely_ loud stations out there, it's uncomfortable to listen to.

@Gargron @dansup At least rebase those wip commits into one or more meaningful chunks and give them good commit messages. It's so much more helpful down the line :)

@abrain I hope you get a chance to test it on-site as well. I'd be interested to know how the band conditions look :) Maybe I'll bring an SDR in my laptop bag so I can at least look at some waterfalls.

@abrain ham is all good yes :) It says that for anything _but_ ham, PMR or ISM you need to acquire a transmitting license. But those three are exempted (and implicit that you of course need a ham license to use those bands)

@kensanata Yeah me too! I instantly adopted it when a co-worker said it after we finished a meeting way before time :)

@kensanata I learned that those are called "time diamonds" and are extremely precious! Use it wisely.

@abrain The WhizzLoop is for QRP operations right? You should be able to make some contacts with it still, though. It'll be interesting to see what the noise floor at ccc looks like. At BornHack I got 9+30 noise consistently on all bands due to all the cheap Chinese switching power supplies running LEDs all over the camp :)

@abrain that's DMR only but I'll probably listen on 145.500 analog as well since that seems to be the "official" calling freq in Europe. What are you planning for an HF antenna? I'm just planning on bringing my Anytone this time since my baggage space is limited.

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"boys can be princesses too" is making the rounds on twitter bc homophobes.

It is, of course, ADORABLE.

@vautee @DC7IA Cool, I'll get that added to my codeplug as well!

I'll probably just create a 36c3 zone with all the freqs I collect beforehand (and during) and set it up with a scan group.

@Hawk1291 I totally agree! It's a great radio that delivers exactly what I want from it 😃

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