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This is the best unintentional comedy the universe will ever give birth to.

This is real. This is a real video guide for a real product.

What's up with Seems to be in an unresponsive state.

is at :) Come talk to the organisers or get your hands on one of our awesome electronic badges from 2018 or 2019.

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Anyone out there with 2.4GHz #antenna experience who can help me with this helix antenna?

I tried building the #iceconefeed by DO8PAT, but I can't seem to get a good VSWR at 2.4GHz.

I tried moving and bending some parts that I though affected the tuning, but the dip at 2.174GHz stays pretty much in the same spot.

Also any pointers to literature about these types of antennas are highly appreciated.

Original plans:

#QO100 #hamradio #13cm

Fellow , if you use , _please_ check your mic gain, chances are you need to turn it down a notch. There are so many _extremely_ loud stations out there, it's uncomfortable to listen to.

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"boys can be princesses too" is making the rounds on twitter bc homophobes.

It is, of course, ADORABLE.

Hoping to meet some fellow enthusiasts at too. I'll bring my radio and will probably be lurking on simplex 433.450 cc1 tg99. Callsign OZ9DLP. DMR ID 2384316.

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will be my first visit to Congress. Tips and tricks for a n00b like me are welcome although I'll be going with some seasoned veterans 😊

I never really grew attached to my OZ3JH. It just doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as I would like. So today I went off and registered OZ9DLP instead - it popped up in my head the other day and wouldn't leave me alone. When I went to check who was behind it and it turned out to be free, I thought "OK I guess that's the one".

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So.... Physical Pong anyone? Dunno why but I just found this really neat.

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A request, please boost.

Anyone who does podcasts in the IT/infosec/hacking world... I would like to be a guest sometime if you'd have me...

I need to up BlackFire's visibility, and as such, talking is a great way to do that.

So, if you are ever looking for a guest/stand in co-host/ whatever... I am available.

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According to the #fediverse has crossed 3 million registered users (and this is excluding Gab)

"Unix came about because Bell Labs hired smart people and gave them the freedom to amuse themselves, trusting that their projects would be useful more often than not"

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@drwho Common misconception!

"Absolute fuck" is more parallel to "absolute zero," the point where no more fuck is possible. It's the most condensed, pure fuck possible.

Almost two weeks ago, we officially started the buildup of 2019 (Episode IV - A NEW /HOME). Now I'm back home, lying in my own bed, reflecting on all the amazing people, both newcomers and old-timers whom are a part of the BornHack family. Thanks a ton to all the friends I managed to meet over the last couple of weeks, both old and new. You rock! ❤️

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