Also, while trying to get root, I kept getting spammed by someone via wall, LOL, telling me I was "hacked"

Climbing the HackTheBox ladder along with League of Legends ranked ;D

To follow up with my Medium post from yesterday about containerizing my NSM stack, I've updated my Github documentation wiki with the steps in the article, as well as a bit more technical information. Feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

this is how my in laws wrapped one of my Christmas gifts... lol.

With all the useful advice I'm getting from people, and what work I'll be doing to make sure I get this right, maybe this will help someone else :)

Time to take good notes I guess :P

I used chrome to adjust the left-most Mastodon bar to a few px smaller, and now I can fit my relevant colums on a 1920x1080 monitor without scroll :D

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