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As I'm semi-new to the fediverse here, and have a new account here on - quick 👋

Jess aka @girlgerms - SecOps engineer, recovering sysadmin, in tech for 20+ years, work for $BigCorp but definitely do not speak on their behalf. 👩‍💻

Rant about all things security; addicted to Lego, Blizzard games, crafting and naps. 🎮

Mum to small human, floof, chooks and bees. 👶😼🐣🐝

Australian. 🦘

Swears fucking HEAPS. 🤬

Purple is life. 💜

I think this might replace Die Hard as my Christmas Eve movie! 😍




This is my surprised face... 😐


Breaking: Funders of Elon Musk’s Proposed Twitter Buyout Have Bailed on Him


I had to apologise to Mr GirlGerms yesterday.

Because I've been on antibiotics for a week, I've *HAD* to have breakfast every day. The difference it has made to my mood, productivity and general mental health is mind-blowing.

Mr GirlGerms has been TELLING me that for months...

I accidentally tripped and bought a .wtf domain because...well...I *HAD* to. It's definitely on-brand for me!

Okay. I want to see this movie. I REALLY want to see this movie. 😂


I guarantee you will not predict the absolutely bonkers turn this trailer takes 56 seconds in


As a permanently recovering sysadmin, the amount of respect I have for 'Ops' staff is immense. They are undervalued, underpaid and overworked.


i don't fucking care if you don't "want to do ops" or not. because "ops" doesn't mean "shitwork", you shithead, it's the constellation of practices, skills, instincts, and expertise it takes to build quality systems and deliver value to users.


That point in time when you get shitty at the number of Azure tenancies you're in and decide to do a clean out and end up leaving 16 tenancies.... 😲

I wasn't all that interested...until we got to the Lego build room. Holy bejebus do I want that room.


If you love LEGOs then today is your lucky day because this Kenosha, WI home is v lego friendly. Currently listed at $250,000


It's the little things.

I'm going to miss my small humans' lisp when it goes away. Her s and r diva are absolutely adorable at the moment.

Just some of my recent builds, done over the last six weeks while sick.

Atari looks different because it is literally the only set that has a home...the rest are on my Lego build table in my office. I need more shelves! 😅

I'm *MELTING*!🥰😍


Perth Zoo is celebrating the birth of Mian, the first tree kangaroo born there in 36 years.
Source: Perth Zoo..they pose better than I ever have


Lego - let me recount my sets!
Security basics - USE MFA MFers!
Blizzard Games - Dragonflight in November, wheeeee!
The MCU - still need to watch the new Dr Strange...


Let’s see what y’all got… 😁


Last night was the first non-coughing night in three weeks.

Slept the best I've slept in a long time. A full nights sleep from 10:30 through to 8:30am!

Building Lions' Knights Castle and absolutely loving it. The nostalgia and the detail are amazing.

For those playing along at home...DING DING DING! We have a winner!

Bacterial pneumonia.

I'm on "KILL IT WITH FIRE!" level of antibiotics right now. So's the rest of the family.

Having been through this and COVID? I would've preferred COVID.

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