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As I'm semi-new to the fediverse here, and have a new account here on - quick 👋

Jess aka @girlgerms - SecOps engineer, recovering sysadmin, in tech for 20+ years, work for $BigCorp but definitely do not speak on their behalf. 👩‍💻

Rant about all things security; addicted to Lego, Blizzard games, crafting and naps. 🎮

Mum to small human, floof, chooks and bees. 👶😼🐣🐝

Australian. 🦘

Swears fucking HEAPS. 🤬

Purple is life. 💜

It says something about my weird intersecting interests that when I see this kind of question, my brain immediately goes: "...wait, Rust the LANGUAGE or Rust the GAME?"



Who has a good intermediate/advanced Rust YouTube channel?


I too am this many years old.

Also, get out of bed in a weird way and hurt myself years old.


I am lean over and put something away and my back spasms years old.


...this is going to bug me.


Shouldn't the word "efficient", only have one f?


An example of this? Cassie Workman - who is fucking *HILARIOUS* and amazing.


I can laugh at myself, but that doesn’t mean I want people laughing at the simple fact of my existence.

Trans people are a funny bunch. We laugh about our experiences all the time. Listen to trans comedians and you’ll see the difference bw laughing WITH us and laughing AT us. 6/


I am a white, middle-to-upper-class, cis-woman, in a heterosexual relationship. I'm a millenial.

All of those? PUNCH AWAY. Seriously. I do not mind having those things made fun of.

Neurodiversity? Chronic illness?

Yeah...not so much.

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Punch up *NOT* down.


I really don’t know how to make this any clearer for people:

Comedy that punches up is beneficial, because it challenges the powerful.

Comedy that punches down is harmful, because it exacerbates existing societal stigma.

A fucking 🧵


You *know* you have an amazing boss when you put in a leave request and it's approved within (literally) 30 seconds 🥳

Taking a long weekend in August. Need *something* to look forward to.

The best run down of the election.

Non-Aussies, this is likely the most truthful source after Antony Green's reporting 😂


Post Election Group Chat 😬 via


Thread *FROM* a gun owner.

It is the guns. America needs to do something about that.


Alright seriously enough is enough. I'm a gun owner, I have a significant number of them, I'm a believer in my right to own them however I'm also a responsible owner (trained and follow best practices). But I'm tired of hearing how this is not a gun problem.



The amazing calling it like it is. Then *AND* now.


nish kumar calling out ricky gervais for being transphobic for the tl


I cannot watch, look at or read the news today. It breaks my heart.

Children shouldn't be paying WITH THEIR LIVES for politicians being unable to regulate deadly weapons.



I am so tired and just want to hide in bed. But there's still so much more to do.


Mark freakin' Simos completely agrees with me.

Life goal achieved. 🙌

RT Completely agree.

Sometimes people treat cybersecurity like an extreme sport.

Its managing risk by defending assets and people against criminals and spies.


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