@gcluley I hope this guy disputes every single NULL ticket, one at a time, on different days, in the most manual paper based and public way possible, until the DMV actually fixes their system.

That's pretty much what I would have expected to happen.

It's difficult to imagine someone with software dev experience actually thinking this was a good idea.

It might not end with the DMV either. License plates go into lots of databases. What about his insurance? What about when he tries to buy a parking pass somewhere? What about other states' automated toll systems?

@sudoLife @gcluley

I can't imagine anyone with software dev experience honestly assuming that every piece of software that handles plate numbers would be written well enough to handle this properly.

Even the guy who asked for this plate believed it would break their software, but for some weird reason he thought that would work out great for him.

@apLundell @gcluley well, I think in the long term it should make those companies more assiduous

@sudoLife @gcluley

I doubt it.

Last time the DMV (or similar) screwed up your paperwork, who was more inconvenienced? You, or the agency?

Nobody is going to budget to fix a glitch that affects exactly one customer out of millions.


Well, now I have to wonder what might happen if someone gets a vanity plate with the string UNDEF.

If there is any #Perl code duct taping parts of the DMV system together the results could get interesting.

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