A lot of folks don’t like that the iPhone camera sticks out. People also want longer battery life. If Jony Ive can’t work out the simple answer which solves both these problems I’m happy to offer my services.

It's a brand new episode of "Smashing Security" podcast!

Malicious script is being blamed for the British Airways hack, Trend Micro's apps are booted out of the Mac App Store for snaffling private data, and Paul Manafort's daughter wants Twitter to remove a link.

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Wait! Apple has killed off the iPhone SE??? :-(

I've been recommending that one to friends and family for years. That was the best iPhone!


I guess I'll have to wait another year for Apple to come up with a technological breakthrough like a headphone jack...

Trend Micro apologises after Mac apps found scooping up users' browser history.

(apparently it's the users' fault anyway...)


Some of the most popular iOS App Store apps are selling your location data onto other businesses


"We requested our personal information from dozens of companies. Here’s what they gave us -- and what they didn’t."


Trend Micro responds to claims its apps in the Mac App Store were snaffling up users’ browser history


Someone at the White House wrote an anonymous op-ed for the NYT criticising . nytimes.com/2018/09/05/opinion

They used the word "lodestar". (Not a word that commonly used, I'd wager.)

But there is someone at the White House who does use it in speeches...


Opsec anyone?

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