WeLeakInfo, the site which sold access to passwords stolen in data breaches, is brought down by the FBI.


My wife is on Facebook (against my advice, obvs) and having seen this unsolicited msg she received I think I know why...

I'm currently haggling.

Japanese love hotels, lottery hacking, and DNA testing.

All topics under the microscope in episode 161 of "Smashing Security" podcast with special guest Thom Langford! Oh, and we discuss the Netflix series "Messiah" too.

Find us in your favourite podcast app or at link.chtbl.com/smashingsecurit

On Friday, a hacker logged into the Boing Boing website using a staff member's credentials, and installed code that allowed them to redirect site visitors to a malicious webpage


Cable Haunt: Researchers warn hundreds of millions of cable modems may be vulnerable to hijacking attack.


Shitrix: Hackers target unpatched Citrix systems over weekend.

Follow Citrix’s mitigation recommendations now to prevent the Shitrix from hitting the fan in your organisation.


Just before the UK’s General Election in December, I recorded an interview with the “Totally Unprepared Politics” podcast.

Thanks to Adill Al-ashgar for inviting me on the show. And don’t worry, although we do touch on some politics, it’s mostly about cybersecurity.


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