In the latest "Smashing Security" podcast:

Why are Zoom and Twitter making some people disappear? How are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cheats getting their just desserts? And the founder of a anti cyber-fraud firm is charged with fraud.

Even if Activision hasn't suffered a data breach, can I strongly recommend that anyone who is reusing their Activision password anywhere else on the internet change it ASAP.

Reusing password is a recipe for disaster. Unique passwords + two-factor authentication when possible FTW

What a lovely surprise! I come back from a dog walk and there's a copy of the fabulous "Confident Cyber Security" by Jessica Barker waiting for me.


In the latest "Smashing Security" podcast we discuss:

⭐ "Smart" guns
⭐ How to hack every Tesla in the world
⭐ The shady goings-on with San Diego street lights
⭐ Paris Hilton's true voice!
⭐ and much much more...

Jon Bentley from Channel 5's Gadget Show joined us in our latest "Smashing Security" podcast. Find it in your favourite podcast app, or at

On the latest episode of the "Smashing Security" podcast, Carole and I are joined by Dr Jessica Barker to discuss:

⭐ A bitcoin bungle that lost millions...
⭐ How hackers tried to hire a Tesla insider
⭐ Drone-related security threats
⭐ much much more!

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