A high-rolling Hushpuppi gets extradited to the United States, Carole details her problems with clipboards and Disposophobia, and our special guest investigative journalist Michelle Madsen becomes the subject of fake news during the Senegalese election.

Enjoy the podcast!


I had the great pleasure to be interviewed by the "Hacker Valley Studio" podcast again recently with Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran, and the episode just came out!

We chat about getting guests, podcasting during lockdown, working out your audience, and a peek behind the scenes of "Smashing Security"...


Check out the latest award-winning "Smashing Security" podcast:

⭐ Roblox hacking
⭐ Justin Bieber, TikTok, and Pizzagate conspiracy
⭐ Spying on a ransomware negotiation
⭐ Squirrel assault courses
⭐ Some security-related chat


Watching a $1.14 million ransomware negotiation between hackers and scientists searching for COVID-19 treatments.


In the latest "Smashing Security" podcast we discuss the latest and weirdest news from the world of cybersecurity with our guest the BBC's Zoe Kleinman... and Carole Theriault's claim to own the phrase "take heed".


A brand new episode of the award-winning "Smashing Security" podcast is out now! Under discussion:

⭐ Bahrain's Coronavirus-tracing rip-off of Noel's House Party
⭐ When eBay security staff go rogue... (allegedly)
⭐ Twitter doxxing
⭐ Other stuff (some of it cybersecurity-related)...


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lisa Forte, a celebrated public speaker and expert on the topic of cybersecurity and social engineering, for a video chat.


"So how do you spell K██████ L██s?" Check out the latest podcast from "Smashing Security", with special guest Thom Langford!

Chatting about Space Force, credit card fraud, shoelaces, and a security firm embroiled in an embarrassing data breach...


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