I don’t think I ever posted my tattoo on here when I got it

This is Cereal. As in froot loops. But he does know things.

And the next stages of this is gonna be “but she does know things” in script underneath Cereal, a honey pot on my wrist (bc lmao it’s on theme with the bee and also an infosec thing) and some honeycomb leading up to my elbow

So. My contract with my job came to an end rather unexpectedly. Understandably, I'm seeking out a new job ASAP.

I'd prefer second line support, junior sysadmin, or similar -- but I'm aware I don't necessarily have the right to be picky and as such I'm open to other roles too.

I'm based in Manchester UK, but open to remote.

I'm working on BSc. Computer Science from Open University. Also self-teaching C# and Python && fundamentals of Linux and Networking.

@frootware I try so hard to keep up the positive and happy personality. It’s not so hard when I’m at cons and actually feel like people want me around and are happy to have me there.

It’s just too hard to even try right now

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Depression, I guess suicidal ideation? 

I’m both less and more visible here so it feels safe to release the black hole in my brain but at the same time not.
Safer still because my mother isn’t on here.

So I guess I’ll summarise the black hole as best as I can.

In this moment, I very much want to disappear from existence. Just poof. Gone. I’m so very tired of feeling this worthless.

“I've decided "being in your prime" means being any age that's a prime number. So, about 25% of the time until you're 100: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89 and 97.”

I am a bad froot and disappeared again

I need to stop that

I disappeared from here again. Oops.

The only new thing I care about is that I’m getting a tattoo at the end of the month and I am very excited

Dear #Mastodon and #Fediverse, a nice artsy NGO in #Poland - Fundacja Bęc-Zmiana - received an antisemitic postcard (source in PL: metrowarszawa.gazeta.pl/metrow )

These are dark times and they need all the positive vibrations they can get. I believe this community can provide a lot of these.

Please consider sending them a postcard from wherever you are with some warm fuzzy message (and perhaps a "#LoveFromFediverse"?) at:

Fundacja Bęc-Zmiana
Mokotowska 65/17
00-533 Warszawa

Please boost!

okay I slept for almost 12 hours and I feel a lot less shitty
So if I can think of a title for a talk with Bsides Manchester, I'm submitting a CFP. We doin this.

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I’m really tempted to try and put a cfp for bsides Manchester but at the same time I have literally nothing significant or worthwhile to say. All I would do is babble about bullshit just like I do on my blog 🙃

these kind of statistics being modeled are vital for being able to make the most realistic decisions if a pandemic strikes and cripples the country. shutting down infrastructure (schools, hospitals, transport) can cripple a country.

plus there's the whole fact that once WHO declare a pandemic, it takes at least 4 months to produce a vaccine that's safe for the public. assuming rural china as a point zero for infection, 4 weeks until the UK. 3 months, 886k dead and 43.3m infected before vaccine.

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ofc those figures are entirely simulated and there are assumptions being made about how resilient people may be to the disease.

one other thing they simulated was the main gov piece of advice during a pandemic ("wash your hands"). simulating this, they found that 13 million fewer people were infected (under best case scenario of everyone washes their hands 5-10x more often)

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for anyone who can't watch the iplayer link or simply doesn't want to - TLDR is that in the experiment they ran two stages - a localised 'contained' stage and a nationwide stage. the local one had 500 participants from one community; the presenter acted as patient zero and infected 9 people and ended up with an 82% infection rate. nationwide, they were aiming for 10,000 people and ended up with 26,856 people involved. In 2 months, 43.3 million people were infected, and 886k people died.

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The absolute medical nerd in me loves pandemics and contagion and the spread of disease and weird diseases

the BBC recently ran an experiment to look at how a pandemic (modeled on Spanish Flu) would affect the UK and it was such an interesting watch tbh


the experiment is still going on bc there's no such thing as too much data with things like this but (even tho it's giving away location and movements etc) I'm gonna take part. heck yeah. science.

Looking for work (in Sydney or remotely), boosts wanted 

So it seems the government is offering me an ultimatum: drop out of my studies, or starve.

I'm a nonbinary computing person, and have experience with Systems Administration, Formal Methods, Desktop Development and Functional Programming, looking to find work ASAP.

My resume can be found here: averylychee.neocities.org/onli

I'm hoping to find work in Sydney, but I'm also open to working remotely

so in the next few months, i've got Scotland, London, and Sheffield to go to for cons. Possibly a new job (interview is tomorrow!!! and i've got good vibes about it). And university assignments to smash through.

we got this

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