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Do you want share files in a secure and private way?

Use Onionshare

#security #privacy

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@Deepsealioness Hi I'm Freddy. Been on Mastodon for a while now, happy to see fellow tweeps here now. :))
Let's build a better space y'all.

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Big increase in fediverse users today... apparently largely from something happening with twitter users from .


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For Android Users 

There is no introduction needed for PlayStore. But I would like to introduce an alternative app store for Android called as @fdroidorg

This app store allows only Free and Open Source Android apps. You need to download f-droid from it’s website.

Here are some of my app picks from the store.

Blokada - this app runs in the background as a vpn client and blocks trackers and ads that irritate us all over. You may still see few ads in apps like Youtube because Google does an end-to-end encryption for serving ads. See next app to solve this.

NewPipe - this is an alternative and a much better app for Youtube. You can download video or only the audio. You can subscribe to channels without Google or Youtube account. No ads. No tracking. A clean video experience. Video popup modes, etc.,

Fedilab - I have already written about it. My goto app for accessing Fediverse.

OsmAnd~ - Completely offline Map viewing and routing application. The data comes from @openstreetmap First time download of map is required. You can record your trips and export them as GPX file and share it with friends, add places to the map, contribute to OpenStreetMap like Wikipedia, etc.,

CityZen - another OpenStreetMap based app for exploring various avenues in a city.

StreetComplete - Like a game, it shows you what information is missing in a particular road or street in OpenStreetMap, so you can start contributing to OSM in a more fun way. With OSMGeoWeek around the corner, it’s good time to start.

Note: OpenStreetMap is a map that is built by people’s participation like how people write in Wikipedia. All data that goes into OpenStreetMap is available under a #OpenData license which means we are free to reuse the data for our purposes unlike Google Maps, where google completely own all the data that goes into it and charges for it.

@thej should be able to explain more about #OpenData

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Making a thread of people you can follow here. Most of these are people I know from Birdsite:


Will keep adding more.

@superruserr btw i love your site/blog. I want to make something similar for myself. 😁😁

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A five part article describing in detail the technical inaccuracies of the article and how implausible the attack was. Worth the read.

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