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You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask

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Gros débat...
Peut on vraiment considérer leur choix comme nuisible à la vie privée ?

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The @DuckDuckGo@twitter.com android browser sneakily gathers *ALL DOMAINS* you're visiting, and their only answer is : "trust us, we have a privacy policy". Reminds me the good ol' "don't be evil".

The issue : github.com/duckduckgo/Android/
The (re-)answer, this morning : news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

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How to get a P1 in 45 seconds.
1. Subfinder and resolve IPs
2. Find open port 80

Then I suddenly remember, just:
nc -v host 80

P1! 🔥🔥🔥😵

Easy as that! 😇

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#1 Q I’m asked by students: “What do I need to study to be a Penetration Tester”

A: Excel and Word. twitter.com/infosecmbz/status/

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Chauds @seatsea@twitter.com @fvckmickael@twitter.com ?

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See you at ph0wn! We're already working on ... challenging ideas ;P

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Y’all someone hacked into Honda internationally. As in the whole freakin world....every Honda manufacturing plant in the world can’t run. 😐

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If you need a place to chat that you own, set up a matrix server. It's pretty straightforward, and you can run off a cheap VPS. We recommend using postgres for the db backend, and using log level WARN natrius.eu/dokuwiki/doku.php?i

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I took the brief tweet thread I did earlier today on the alleged @MinneapolisPD@twitter.com hack and ran the emails and passwords through @haveibeenpwned@twitter.com. It's not a new breach, it's existing data that's falsely attributed and is causing disinformation to spread troyhunt.com/analysing-the-all

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Très belle vulnérabilité, ggwp :D

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pays @bhavukjain1@twitter.com a of $100,00 for a vulnerability in 'Sign In with Apple' function which may have allowed hackers to perform a full account takeover of user accounts.

Write-up here:


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One of the most useful real world AR implementation I've seen so far 😱🔥

Well done @ubnt@twitter.com 👏👏👏

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Cette attitude de prendre les développeurs de haut, c'est vraiment la meilleur façon de travailler.

Au passage je suis bloqué par M. Society (même si je ne lui ai jamais parlé), donc je ne peux pas lui répondre directement.


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As we think through supercharging remote work and productivity, we've been working on mixed reality concepts that builds on existing technologies like Passthrough to allow people to switch between real and virtual worlds

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