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Weil ich noch so vieles wüsste, was wirklich was verändern würde und das. Alles. Nicht. Passiert.

Ist ja nicht so, dass wir nicht wüssten, was nötig wäre.

Es ist reines Sicherheitstheater. Und es ist gefährlich und dumm und macht es eher noch schlimmer. digitalcourage.de/sicherheitst

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Uns wurde der Mietvertrag gekündig, wir suchen zeitnah neue Räume. Wenn ihr gute Ideen für neue Räumlichkeiten in #Aachen habt, dann her damit!

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You seen the backup app that the #CalyxOS folks have been doing a load of work on?

Uses the same internal AOSP stuff as Google cloud backups and ADB backup- so no need for a rooted device. Although it'll have to be built into the OS.

Its going to output encrypted backups with yubikey support. Output to USB key or Nextcloud.

#GrapheneOS is set to use it once its finished, #HashbangOS already include it in their builds.

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This is, hands down, one of the best articles I have read this week:

"I was wrong about Google and Facebook: there’s nothing wrong with them (so say we all)"


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Does anyone of you have some more information about the RTL8117 chip? I've recently built myself a new computer using the Asus WS Pro X570-ACe mainboard, which uses this as some sort of BMC/IPMI solution - sadly it only looks like it will work with their propietary management server (on-prem), which is a big nono. Seems to boot some kernel, has a firmware and responds with https and LuCI (openwrt?) and some VPN port (iKVM?). Can't find _any_ info about this chip on the web though.

#retoot pls

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Substantial improvements to the security of Android over the past few years have brought it to a level where it is now being considered to provide security comparable to iPhones.
Todays release of #Android10 introduces more security improvements #^https://security.googleblog.com/2019/05/queue-hardening-enhancements.html
Theres also many Privacy improvements
Its becoming increasingly clear that an #AOSP based operating system, without Google Play Services can offer great privacy and security. #GrapheneOS #CalyxOS #HashbangOS and #RattlesnakeOS all provide verified boot, which helps guard against persistent compromise. #LineageOS and #OmniROM dont maintain this security feature, but are long lived and well known AOSP based operating systems.
Another measure that can be taken is not using app stores where malware is present #fdroid is widely recognised by researchers as being free of malware.
The improvements to Android, which has long been considered to have inferior security,, are being demonstrated by companies paying more for exploit chains on #Android than those for #iOS

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Mysterious iOS Attack Changes Everything We Know About iPhone Hacking. For two years, a handful of websites have indiscriminately hacked thousands of iPhones.

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Idk if anyone still uses Twitter but the #GrapheneOS project would appreciate some attention about the theft of their former Twitter account. If anyone does and would RT twitter.com/JonahAragon/status and the posts in Micay's thread that'd be great.

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Eine Freundin von mir sucht eine_n Käufer_in für ihren Bauwagen, den sie dieses Jahr als Tiny House ausgebaut hat.


Über Boosts würden wir uns freuen! :)

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Guard against persistent compromise-

GrapheneOS/Auditor: Hardware-based attestation / intrusion detection app for Android devices. It provides both local verification with another Android device via QR codes and optional scheduled server-based verification with support for alert emails. It uses hardware-backed keys and attestation support as the foundation and chains trust to the app for software checks. - #^https://github.com/GrapheneOS/Auditor
#Android #security
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Freifunk: Das größte Bürgernetz Deutschlands

Per #Freifunk können Privatmenschen ebenso wie große Unternehmen ihre Internetverbindung rechtssicher per WLAN teilen. Die Initiative ist aber weit mehr als nur freies WLAN ohne Haftung.


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Wer hat Interesse im Team mit mir zusammen am Update der
Kursunterlagen einer Linux-Schulung zu arbeiten?

* Migration der Texte von LaTeX nach Emacs-Org-Mode
* Inhalte auf modernes Linux updaten (RedHat 8, Suse ES 15)
* systemd, btrfs, xfs, container, namespaces etc

Arbeit "remote" im Team via git/keybase und online meetings.

Selbstständiges arbeiten gewuenscht.

Einmaliges Honorar oder jährlicher
Anteil an Gewinn möglich.

Kontakt via privatem Toot.

Please boost.

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Compressorhead is a project of Berlin-based artist Frank Barnes and collaborators Markus Kolb and Stock Plum consisting of a robot band that plays on real electric and acoustic instruments. 🤘

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Good IETF technical plenary on #privacy with two talks from
Arvind Narayanan and Steven Bellovin:


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How looks the #jetstream during #heatwave in #Europe ...

earth :: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions

See current wind, weather, ocean, and pollution conditions, as forecast by supercomputers, on an interactive animated map. Updated every three hours.


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